EmpireB Car Grooming

Names of Recipients:
Ms. Joel Gui
Ms. Celine Kee

When asked what entrepreneurship means to them, Ms Joel Gui and Ms Celine Kee of EmpireB Car Grooming believe that there are three important things to take note of: People, Service and Honesty. “It is important to have a dream to create your ideal palace” they exclaimed.

Having past experiences from other car grooming centre, Ms Joel and Ms Celine decided to venture out of their comfort zone and set up EmpireB Car Grooming on 1st April 2011 at 48 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427772. They named their company EmpireB with the hopes of creating a palace for themselves and B coming from the initials of a combination of Ms Celine and Ms Joel’s Chinese initials. They pride themselves upon their ability to provide all kinds of treatment, including waxing and their forte:complete polishing.

This perk would come from Ms Joel, who confesses, “It’s one of my hobbies to turn dirty things clean”, which may be the reason as to why they only use the best products and practices to service a car. They also provide customers with information on car polish and even advise their customers not to do treatment that does not benefit their car. Their belief that “it is a choice between wanting to do and not wanting to do” differentiates their company from the others the duo explains, “A lot of people do not have the knowledge on car polish and not many other companies out there are willing to go through the trouble of providing the best services for their clients.”As for EmpireB, they are willing to go the extra mile in order to satisfy their client’s boundless needs.

When their business first began, they faced a troubled period of their career, as they were apprehensive about the products they used to ensure that their customers would receive the best car treatment. Their vulnerability led them to voracious businessmen claiming that their products were the cream of the crop, only to realize that it has caused them to lose a lot of money from testing out the products.

However, they still insist on using high end products even up till date, as they believe that it is for the safety purposes of the car. Hence, in order to overcome these challenges, Ms Joel reported that she has to change her attitude towards these things and had to “go through endless researching and trial and error in order to find the best product for the clients”. Her efforts have not gone into vain as she finds reassurance in seeing the smile and satisfaction upon her client’s faces when they receive their car.

In the next five years, they hope to remain client-orientated and aim to help their client save money but preserve the usage of high end products. They also wish to “have more capital for them to start researching on other cost-friendly yet efficient polishes and waxes” so as to ensure customer satisfaction. They are motivated time and time again when they look back at the amount of sacrifice they have gone through to get the company thriving and although they have already created an empire of their own in the field of car grooming, they remain humble as they believe that they have even more room for improvement and continue learning to make things better in different areas.

Their advice to young people who are interested in starting their own business is “to have your own set of principles that you have to follow through as it is easier said than done”, Ms Celine concedes as she knows that it is difficult to explain to the clients about not needing treatment as the clients sometimes do not understand the concept of “less is more”. “Hence it is important that you have your own expectations so that you know what you’re working for”, are Ms Joel’s final words to budding entrepreneurs.

Contact Details:
48 Joo Chiat Place
T| 6377 1318
E| info@empireb.sg

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