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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Elton Pan

Being in the furniture business for about 15 – 17 years, starting out as a delivery man before working his way up to the different areas in the business, Mr Elton, director of FULLHOUSE Home Furnishings Pte Ltd, believes in being hands on and working from basics when it comes to business. That enabled him to see the different parts of the industry, and see the areas where his company needs improvement for.

Offering a full range of furniture, lights, and other home décor products, FULLHOUSE Home Furnishings Pte Ltd strives to be a one-stop destination for all home furnishing needs. Specialising in mid-range furniture with a contemporary design at affordable prices, FULLHOUSE collaborates with carefully selected factories in Malaysia and China to customise their range of products; while its range of wallpapers come all the way from Korea, Japan and the United States.

Entrepreneurship has a deep meaning to Mr Shawn Soh; marketing manager. “It’s mainly about having an idea, and believing in the idea. It is not just about you believing it, but also comes out in your products, how you carry it, the things u do, and the ideas you preach to the people. It is all about giving back to the society. Put that in focus and love what you do and you will be rewarded in one way or another.”

Trouble and problems were like Mr Elton’s best friends when he first started the business. “In the beginning, nobody knew who we were. We spent a lot of the company budget on advertising. That took a lot of risk but we slowly managed to get our name up eventually.”

Furthermore, even when customers know about the company, they were unable to differentiate the company from the rest. “That is why we went through the rebranding process last year,” Mr Elton explained.

Currently, the company is going into exhibitions to let people know more about the company in a bid to differentiate from the competitors. The first exhibition was held in the end of June in expo this year. “It was very scary as we have not done it before. Nevertheless, we went ahead and do it. The most rewarding part was to hear people talk about FULLHOUSE. People understand who we really are. We come across to people that we are more than just selling furniture, but as someone who really wants to help.”

In his time as the director of the company, Mr Elton was constantly motivated to overcome any problems that surfaced. “The rebranding process was really very tough. 3 months of renovations and attempting to change the image of the brand meant spending a lot of money. Yet, the efforts never really bear fruits. However, what kept us going were our customers. When we meet clients, and manage to help them to build a home that they really really like, that was the best reward that we can have.”

Already, plans are on the way to expand the company. Mr Shawn described, “We hope to have sub-brands. Fullhouse is the mother brand. Nurturing this sub-brand and then subsequently branching them out and have our own concept stores. It can be more holistic when we have our own stores. Launching our own designs, we now have our own designers helping to nurture the local talents and coming out with our own full house products. Make in Singapore and buy in Singapore.”

Lastly, Mr Shawn has some words of advice to budding entrepreneurs, “I will ask him to do what he loves because if you really love what you are doing you will put in all your effort. Then, DO IT and give in your all. Do the things you love and that are what keep us alive!”

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