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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Caseline Ng

Innovation is the nature of geniuses, to be able to grasp the knowable even when no one else recognizes that it is present. For HS Auto Furnishing, abbreviated for Hong Sheng, a Chinese representation for a plain sailing business, based on the Chinese system of geomancy, success was derived through the means of innovation. Initiated in 2002, HS Auto Furnishing is already at its second generation of leadership. Its leader is none other than Miss Caseline Ng.

HS Auto Furnishing’s expertise is in the fabrication of customized and idiosyncratic furniture. Throughout its years of operations, the company had metamorphosed much as it goes through diversification, expanding the business into fields such as space planning, and renovation works for residential, commercial, to hospitality projects. “We have ongoing research and development processes on the space-saving automation furniture, and successfully invented this premier user-friendly technology.” Miss Ng divulged.

The company’s inception was spurred by the altruistic intentions to invent such innovative space-saving furniture in consideration of the future development. “Our company was set-up to raise capitals for the research and development of such innovation.” Miss Ng, a discerning entrepreneur, stated. “To my father, this innovation is his vision and the fruit of his painstaking effort.” Miss Ng also asserted how integral such technology is to our life: “The invention of space-saving automation furniture is relevant to the furnishing industry. We consider this as our investment as we foresee the demands and market opportunities for it in the future market.” Miss Ng also continued: “With these innovations, we are able to contribute to being environmentally-friendly and solutions to space-saving.”

Despite HS Auto Furnishing’s undaunted venture into yielding such beneficial technology towards the industry, it was soon impeded with problems at its initiation. “There was no assistance provided from the government for our research and development into the invention of such automation furnishings. Payments of completed jobs was delayed or classified as bad debt from some companies with financial difficulties.” Miss Ng reminisced on the stumbling blocks met at the start of the business. These hitches meant that HS Auto Furnishing initiated out of pocket, with little funds.

“Thankfully, through mutual trust and credibility, our suppliers are supportive to provide deferred payment terms. We also received bank assistance with various financial facilities.” Miss Ng explicated how HS Auto Furnishing managed to pull itself out of its predicament. Nevertheless, HS Auto Furnishing does not just rely on the aids received to attain its success. The company was able to proffer competitive pricing, efficient speed to complete every project, alongside quality service and assurance. This helped the company procured the delectation and excitement of customers. HS Auto Furnishing is also able to pull ahead of the competition with its usage of advanced technology with innovation concepts to create unthinkable, novel products for the masses.

With so many proliferations made throughout the years, it is an cinch that HS Auto Furnishing feels glorified. “We are proud to have successfully invented the ‘Premier and Sole Space-Saving Automation Furnishing’ solutions globally, using user-friendly technology invented locally.” Miss Ng commented about the accomplishments achieved by the company. “We are able to play a part in contributions to being environmentally-friendly, with these space-saving solutions. As mentioned, this innovation is my father’s vision and fruit of labor. To be able to achieve what he yearns for makes me happy.” a filial entrepreneur, Miss Ng regarded.

It is always impossible until it’s done. Anything is possible in an entrepreneurship, as long as you believe it’s possible. Said Miss Ng: “Nothing is impossible in an entrepreneurship, always believe that it’s possible!” Miss Ng is also exhorted by beneficent acts, making life easier for the public: “The idea of working on the concept of home furnishing innovation where everyone globally aspires to have motivates me on.” Miss Ng added on: “I believe that a successful entrepreneur must have the credibility, modesty and innovation. The business shall be successful if they are able to attain these qualities.”

With certainty, HS Auto Furnishing’s magnificent innovation should be propagated beyond the country. The company already has plans for expansions and Miss Ng was exhilarated to disclose them: “We aim to create a modern home automation era, we are constantly coming up with new innovative space-saving concepts and designs. Currently, we are coordinating with real estate developers in the Asia market, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, and many others.” Miss Ng then indicated: “We would appreciate the government’s assistance in our expansion plans, and we look forward to opportunities with developers worldwide.”

HS Auto Furnishing is a business, which all entrepreneurs should learn from. Not only it is proficient in the field, but also its accomplishments are derived for the sake of humanitarian reasons. With Miss Ng at fore, HS Auto Furnishing shall attain newer heights in the years to come.

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