Optiled Lighting (S.E.A) Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. James Lim
Mr. CJ Neoh

“Entrepreneurship is all about turning your dreams into reality.” Mr James Lim Chee Seng and CJ Neoh answered when are on what entrepreneurship means to them. Desire to break free from his routine lifestyle, Mr Lim started to dream and visualized himself of becoming a boss of his own. After working for 15 years, opportunity came knocking on his door.

OPTILED Lighting International approached Mr Lim and requested him to start up a company based in Singapore, without hesitation Mr Lim took up the offer as Mr Lim knew that LED lighting is the newest and the leading technology in the industry. With no experience in LED lighting industry, Mr Lim approached Mr Neoh and together, they started Optiled Lighting International Pte Ltd Singapore.

Optiled Lighting International Pte Ltd (Singapore) was founded in 15 January 2010 with merely 4 staff; it grew spuriously to currently 45 staff. Seeking to develop green lighting solutions that reduce operating costs, improve productivity and alleviate the world’s most pressing environmental challenges, OPTILED is leading the way into a new era of environmentally and human friendly LED lighting. By combining the most advance digital control, thermal management and lighting fixture designs with internationally quality standards and performance, OPTILED provides the most versatile, best-in-class and cost-effective LED lighting solution available in the market. OPTILED Efforts, along with their commitment to deliver quality products and services, positioned OPTILED as one of the Top 5 lighting providers and installers in Singapore, as ranked by Asia Business Journal.

It was a rocky start up like many other businesses; challenges were bound to encounter. “It was never an easy start up.” Mr Lim remarked. Not defeated by the challenges, Mr Lim and Mr Neoh bite the bullet and face them head on. They tried different means to hire the right people, even to the extent of hiring property agent. It is through trial and errors that they learned that they needed to get someone related and experienced to do the job. Using different means such as magazine, brand awareness campaign on buses and conducting classes to educate people in this industry allows them to increase their exposure in the public.

It is almost impossible to build a strong brand without differentiation, especially in today’s hypercompetitive market where customers are spoilt for choices. “To many people, OPTILED is known as high service and high quality brand. We own a 20,000 over square feet of warehouse to support Singapore demand provide good after sales services. Not forgetting our Project team that whole heartily servicing customers on any issues or complaint.” Mr James Lim Chee Seng said with gratification.

“We have successfully cliché on to projects like Changi Airport’s lighting and also various HUB Government projects, Seng Siong Supermarket and many more. One of which we took pride in is to win 10 HDB Town Council, which we install 400,000 LED lighting for the 10 estates. This whole project is managed by us 100%, and in a total, we helped the 10 HDB Town council to save a total of 5 million Singapore dollar in a year. It is our honor to participate in this monumental task and to be a part of the country’s historic move actively to address energy efficiency.” Mr CJ Neoh said with glee on his face. “We are not going to stop here, in the next 5 years we aim to be the top three major players in LED industry and to expand our markets to the South-East Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei and Indonesia.” Mr Lim reveals his plan for OPTILED. “We also want Optiled Lighting to be seen as a household brand in Singapore!” Mr CJ Neoh added.

” One need a lot of family support you can get to motivate and encourage you through this journey, and you will start to see things falling into places, and honesty is the best policy; clients will then keep coming back and look forward to work with you.” Mr James Lim Chee Seng replied with asked on that qualities does a person need in order to be successful in business. “Learn to trust your people and believe in them, in getting the job well done. Being an entrepreneur is never an easy job, one need to learn how to let go and let young capable, people in handling the task. This enables your business to function and work successfully Therefore, finding the right people to work for you is one of the keys to success.” Mr CJ Neoh advocates the young budding, entrepreneur.

Without any doubt, under the strong leadership of Mr James Lim Chee Seng and CJ Neoh, OPTILED will continue to soar to greater heights.

Contact Details:
55 Toh Guan Road East #02-03 Uni-Tech Centre
T| 6565 3111
F| 6565 3222
E| infoSEA@optiled.com

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