Swim Centre Verhoef

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Koen Verhoef

Swim Centre Verhoef or many known it as aquaDuck was established in year 1997. Starting with merely two people; Koen Verhoef himself and his wife, their company grew till today twenty-five people working in the company.

In Swim Centre Verhoef, they offers unique, world class Infant and Learn to Swim teaching programs specially designed for your child’s individual needs and interests from 6 month old to 36 month old also adult competitive swimming program. All the coaches in Swim Center Verhoef are specially trained in child psychology, ensuring a well-balanced and effective learning environment. Internationally recognized Certificates and Badges will be presented when the child completes each level at their Awards Swimming Week held twice a year.

Greatly influenced and supported by his father, Mr Koen Verhoef started his own business. Passionate for swimming since young, drove Mr Koen Verhoef to step into this industry. He started working in different industry once he graduated; it’s only then that he knew very well inside of him, which direction he should take in life. Mr Koen Verhoef’s desire was neither a hope nor a wish. It was a keen, pulsating desire, which transcended everything else.

Once the company started, it hasn’t been easy for them. With no knowledge about running a business, all things didn’t turn out well. The biggest problem faced was their financial status of the company, to the extent they are unable to pay their staffs, and thought of heading back to Holland flashed through Mr Koen Verhoef’s mind. However, something good came out from their problems; with the guidance from God, the whole team eventually grew stronger and sticks through the tough time together. “It was indeed a long and tough journey to be where we are today” Mr Koen Verhoef reminisced. “All these wouldn’t have happened without the team’s support and their unconditional effort.” Mr Koen Verhoef added.

Reason why Swim Centre Verhoef stands out among all the other companies in this industry is that they don’t put their focus on their competitor, but instead in the values of their company. At Swim Centre Verhoef, they emphasizes on love, joy and happiness, which in turn create a positive energy in every staff. These values will then flow over to the children, where every child will sense their sincerity and love for them. They would build a good relationship with all their students and parents by advising and helping them in any situation. Swim Centre Verhoef is a company is more than just a normal Swimming Centre, but a Centre that impacted many people lives for all ages.

Swim Centre Verhoef was invited to be the host of a baby congress. It was one of the biggest events held by Swim Centre Verhoef at Marina Bay Sand. People from all over the world came to Singapore just to attend the conference. Many positive feedbacks were received at the end of the conference, which acted as a form of confirmation to everyone in Swim Centre Verhoef. “All things are possible when everyone work toward one same direction” Mr Koen Verhoef stressed.

“Entrepreneurship is a form of leadership, directing the team to make their visions and dreams come to past” Mr Koen Verhoef indicated, “one should possess the attitude of learning, determination, risk taking, passionate and optimistic. These qualities enable one to successful in business” Mr Koen Verhoef continued. “Never make money your top priority, but instead find your passion and execute it! It’s all about sowing and reaping.”When you are passionate in what you are doing, you will put in more effort, time and energy to do it. Then you will start seeing the result in your business. ” Mr Koen Verhoef explained. “One should equip himself with knowledge of running businesses and self-improvement skills to have a good, steady kick start of the business. ”

“Quality, not quantity!” Mr Koen Verhoef states emphatically as he revealed his plan for aquarDuck. As much as everyone wants to grow the company, everyone agreed that no shortcut should be taken in the quality of the classes. With current twelve training venue, Mr Koen Verhoef looked into opening up another five to ten training venue in the next five years. “If all things went well, we are planning to open classes internationally around the Asian region.” Mr Koen Verhoef explicated as he brimmed.

Contact Details:
43 Jalan Merah Saga #02-64
T| 6463 5554
F| 6462 5554
E| info@aquaducks.com.sg

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