Creative Signcrafts & Engineering Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Vincent Yeo

When asked what entrepreneurship means to them, Mr Vincent Yeo of Creative Signcrafts & Engineering Pte Ltd shares that “you have to be willing to try your very best and not be afraid to share your problems with others.” With 25 years of experience in the sign craft industry, Mr Vincent has watched his company grow since they were using manual labor to using machinery to create beautiful sign crafts, inkjet printing and banners. Through watching Mr Vincent’s dedication to his job, it inspired his son, Mr Benny Yeo, to join Creative Signcrafts & Engineering to further develop the family business.

The father and son duo started this business when the HDB Projects were beginning to appear, and there were not many companies providing sign craft services. Hence they decided to delve into this business with no regrets. Having used to work in a garment industry, Mr Vincent learnt that the details of each project is very important and brought his experience into Creative Signcrafts & Engineering, as he knows that “ it’s not just the outward appearance that matters but also the procedure of making the signs”. This allows the duo to indulge in modification of the equipment to increase productivity of their projects as well as the satisfaction of their clients.

When they first went into the business, the father and son duo faced a few challenges. “We were new to the business and we did not know where to purchase and how to use our materials,” Mr Benny laments as he recounts the challenges. They also had to keep up to the ever-changing technology as they wanted to keep up to the trend to please clients. “We were also asked for our portfolio when we interviewed for the HDB Project, but we were unable to produce it as we have only just begun business!” Mr Vincent confessed.

However, despite these challenges, the duo asked around, seeking for help and though of ways to improve the quality of their work without compromising on the cost. They tested their projects as well as used trial and error method with their creations and took up various other projects to slowly build up their portfolio. Hence, they were able to get the HDB Project, with a promising ambition of 20 blocks worth of sign crafts.

They pride themselves with their punctuality and their judgmental ability in which projects are always returned to the clients on time and clients are able to have full trust in the company. “I thank my staff as they were the ones that helped us create this commendable image, without them the company won’t be where it is today,” Mr Vincent says gratefully as he believes that the bond that the staff have with the bosses allows the employees to come together to brainstorm for the answer when they face a bottleneck. He knows that teamwork is crucial and thus would always talk and analyze with his staff rather than just handing the work to them.

In 5 years, they hope to increase the amount of technology used and mechanize the equipment as it is in their name “Creative”, which means that they like to generate new and innovative ideas to attract their clients.

Mr Benny and Mr Vincent believes that one needs to differ from others and is willing to put in hard work and effort in order to be successful in their business and recommends that budding entrepreneurs know their capital and how much they are willing to put in before they actually dive into the business. They also recommend to have a sales team to help with advertisements and to know your own product well, as well as what category of clients to target.

Lastly, he shared with us his 4 basic principal in managing his people. “眼得, 口得, 耳得 and手得; basically it mean, through observing things with our eyes, speaking and sharing with our mouth, listening with our ears and doing things with our hands. The cycle will go on and on, and that is how very are able to keep ourselves abreast to the every changing technology.”

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20 AMK Techlink, AMK Ind Park 2A, #07-18
T| 6741 5822
F| 6741 5711

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