Newash Facility Management Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Aaron Rylan Keder

Newash Facility Management Pte Ltd is the fruit of labour of Mr Aaron Rylan Keder. Set up in 2008 with an initial manpower of 5, the company now has 380 employees, testament to the success that Mr Aaron has over the years.

Sharing about his reasons to be his own boss at such a young age, Mr Aaron explained, “Since I was young, I was independent and dislike the idea of being a ‘follower’. I am more comfortable managing my own time. Thus with the experience I gained while waiting for NS enlistment, I decided to become an entrepreneur. While waiting for NS enlistment, I worked as a temporary Site Supervisor. There I learnt how to operate machineries and got tips from senior operations executive on how to tackle carious problems. The interest to learn grew during my National Service and I decided to start my own firm.”

Newash Facility Management Pte Ltd specialises in facility management, with cleaning and landscaping services being its main service provided. Among other services that the company provides include stewarding, event support, clean room cleaning, landscaping services, pest control services, residential cleaning, general housekeeping, House & Building painting, minor renovation cleaning, Washroom & Hygiene services, external façade cleaning and painting, commercial and industrial cleaning and Mechanical and Electrical works (M&E).

Recalling the interesting events that happened in the initial years of his business, Mr Aaron recollected, “My belief that time was that no contract is small. I remembered there was a period when I only slept for 4 hours consecutively for a few days. During working hours, I will follow up with sales, meeting clients etc. After working hours, I will check my e-mails and attend to complaints. Then, I had too many negative feedbacks coming from one jobsite and I was unhappy with the service rendered. Even though it was the smallest project I had at that time, I dropped by every morning for three consecutive days to assist my new employee and ensure everything is in order before the official working hours.”

Thankfully, his hard work was rewarded as the client was happy with the changes made and decided to award Mr Aaron with their other offices. “It was then I realised everything was worth it.”

Nevertheless, the very beginning was a hectic period for Mr Aaron. He had to juggle existing clients and follow up with sales. Knowing that he had to minimise losses for the first year, Mr Aaron did not employ too many employees. “I was the only person doing sales, checking and packing of stocks and assist to deliver all the materials and tools. Also, I did not employ any managers in the first 3 years.”

Be that as it may, although it is a fact that the owner/director will employ sales personnel to assist in expanding to get more projects as the company grows, Mr Aaron still want to play a major role in his company’s expansion. “All sales are done by me. I understand that this will slow down the expansion process, however, my commitment is to give good, if not the best possible services to all my customers. Thus by expanding Newash slowly, all my customers will be given the right amount of attention.”

Recalling the useful advice that his dad gave him during his first year, Mr Aaron would like to share with people out there who faced similar circumstances as him such poignant reminder: “Son your company is new, always remember to climb the stairs slowly and reach every level instead of taking the lifts and skip levels!”

To Mr Aaron, entrepreneurship is about “taking risk and making full use of any idea into business.”

He felt that to be successful in business, it is about understanding your strengths and weaknesses. “Make full use of the strength and look into improving the weakness. Learn the mistakes from others. At my age, I avoid making the same mistakes other made and learnt the reasons behind the downfall.”

Giving his advice to people who wish to start their own businesses as well, Mr Aaron espoused, “No idea is foolish. Most people are innovative but they do not have the capital to start their business. At this current climate, the best business to start is online business. It requires low start-up cost, low risk and high profits with the right target market. Start acting on your dreams and stop worrying!”

Contact Details:
Brightway Building, 3 Lorong Bakr Batu #06-02
T| 6844 1797 / 8139 4958 / 9182 4708
F| 6844 0676

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