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Names of Recipients:
Mr. Wilson Hoo
Mr. Bernard Ong

Our pet shop LLP is the product of Wilson and Bernard’s partnership. The company specialises in pet grooming and its products with Bernard being the maestro in pet care.

Bernard has been in pet care and grooming trade for more than 12 years. He is well versed with the latest trend and fads in the pet grooming business. Bernard has completed his Professional Grooming license C, B & A from International Kennel Club of Taiwan (KCT). His was the first Singaporean being awarded for Best Technical Award on April year 2011, for his KCT Professional Grooming Examination. Bernard had also completed his Terrier Course at Kobayashi Grooming School in Japan, Gunma during March 2012. Apart from his enthusiasm in pet grooming, he is also actively in International Dog Shows held locally in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan or Australia. He has produced many students that achieved outstanding result in Singapore Kennel Club Grooming Competitions from Year 2008-2011.

Relating his reasons for being his own boss, Bernard said that in his social circle, all are business owners and hence it spurred him to be his own boss as well. With his passion for pets, he felt that such daily routines must be translated into a career and this will keep his passion burning and he would constantly get updated with the latest trends. Thus, Bernard decided to go to Taiwan to learn grooming which eventually was an excellent decision in retrospect.

However, being your own boss is not as simple as having good knowledge or being proficient. Being a greenhorn, Bernard faced problems in management. “When you deal with customers, you need to know how to present yourself and the company.” Fortunately, Bernard had a Mentor known as Uncle Ben, who gave him knowledge and told him about the dos and don’ts in business. “He was really a good advisor to me and I can’t thank him enough for that.”

Individually, Bernard continued to learn and upgrade himself with regards to grooming and aspire to bring up the grooming standard in Singapore. It is through such dedication that differentiates the company from the rest.

Sharing his proudest achievements, Bernard mentioned that he had lots of encouragement from customers who allowed him to groom their pets. At this moment, he is the first in Singapore to get the award – Grooming A licence of the Taiwan kennel club, which is difficult to obtain.

To Bernard, entrepreneurship is about the will to be successful in certain things which you are good at. “People will look for you. People will look up to you. I am grateful to have abundant of loyal customers and I really thank them for their support.” Also, how a person runs his business will reflect his attitude and character poignantly. “I always stick to my principle. You must have a quality check first before it is sent out to the customers. If you want to do something, do it well!”

Lastly, to people who wish to be like him, Bernard has some words of advice,”You must first have the passion. Thereafter, have a good business plan and be prepared to do everything by yourself. If you are not willing to invest all of your time into business, then business is not for you.”

Contact Details:
Blk 214 Serangoon #01-90 Avenue 4
T| 6487 5400
H| 9848 0707

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