Evergreen Rent A Car Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Daniel Ong

Evergreen Rent A Car Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tiong Choon Co. Pte Ltd,a Singapore SME 500 company. Tiong Choon Co. Pte Ltd was established in 1957 as a used car dealer, insurance agent and car financier. In 1973, it setup a 3 S centre in Johor Bahru, Malaysia as an authorised Ford dealer, selling exclusively Ford vehicles as well as offering after sales service.

In 1998, one of its subsidiary started a wholesale trading in pre-owned European marques in New Zealand. This operation has since blossomed to include retail of all high end marques in its Auckland downtown showroom.

Today, in Singapore, Tiong Choon Co. Pte Ltd exports cars to more than 20 countries and its business has also grown to include retail of new cars imported directly from Japan.
With renowned reputation, credibility and more than 50 years’ experience in the car industry spanning over a few countries, Evergreen Rent A Car was incepted to provide the highest quality service to its clients in the car rental market.

With Evergreen Rent A Car around the corner; giving leverage to the definition of “convenience”, along with the myriad of clean and very well-maintained car it offers, customers are spoilt for choice. Coupled with over 50 years of experience in the car industry Evergreen Rent A Car offers flexible leasing packages for a wide variety of cars at very affordable prices. “We pride ourselves for our flair in identifying the most suitable vehicles for our customers based on their lifestyle needs,” expounded Mr Daniel Ong, director of Evergreen Rent A Car. All their vehicles come along with a comprehensive insurance coverage and a 24-hr emergency hotline so you can enjoy the full benefits of driving with peace of mind.

Life is not smooth sailing, so is entrepreneurship. There are always things happening beyond our expectation. Challenges such as taking the first step to get the business running, setting up a proper system for the business and employing people who are well versed in the industry. Thankfully, equipped with the experiences gained in the past, they have a team of competent personnel running the business. It didn’t take them much effort to surmount all the problems faced when initiating the business. “We focus a lot on customer service; we understand that in order to upkeep a good business, customers’ needs must be top priority. This is why Evergreen Rent A Car offers a wide variety of cars to satisfy our customers.” Mr Daniel explicated.

The word Evergreen is derived from the chinese translation of their parent company, “长春.” “Evergreen also means remaining vital and fresh which we feel totally depicts what Evergreen Rent A Car is all about,” Mr Daniel answered when asked on the meaning behind the company name.

“Entrepreneurship is about giving the best to the customer, in terms of services and products. That is why we seek continuous improvement in everything that we do,” Mr Daniel established what entrepreneurship meant to him. “In order to attain recognition from others, customer satisfaction is what inspires and motivates us. You see, entrepreneurship is not just a job; it’s a lifelong career, not just for the entrepreneur himself, but the people around us as well. To us, delivering a good standard of service to the customer is of utmost importance to us.”

Asked if Evergreen Rent A Car has any plans for expansion. Mr Daniel’s face lit with enthusiasm and divulged that they are looking at increasing the fleet size of their company. “We are also exploring how to incorporate high technological system into our current one, and to further improve our service to customers. Lastly, we always come together as a team to brainstorm for better and innovative ideas for our customers; most importantly we must keep up with the trend.”

Contact Details:
159 Sin Ming Road #01-07 Amtech Building
T| 6459 0990
F| 6456 9408
E| enquiry@evergreenrentacar.com

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