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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ling Wai Jim

Want to try something on your own? Want to have something that you can proudly own? To Mr Ling Wai Jim, the solution is to be a businessman. “My passion is to be a businessman. I’ve always wanted something that I can own and still able provide a comfortable lifestyle for my family members. Nothing beats being your own boss.”

With this passion, Mr Ling Wai Jim set up the 3 Lab Ptd Ltd, a company that provides three different lines of products – hardware, consumerable and software. “No one is doing this together and so I thought it would be good to provide such one stop solutions to meet people’s demands.”

Having been working in a software company for six years prior to his journey to become an entrepreneur, Mr Ling wanted to delve into something that he is familiar with rather than to step into unchartered ground. “It’s better to do something that you’re familiar with as a start. This is to take calculated risks.”

“The most satisfying thing about having your own business is to see the end results at the end of the day, helping my customers to solve their problems and save money for them. At the end of the day, my aim is to make their money spent worthwhile so that every customer leaves feeling satisfied,” Mr Ling explained about his philosophy in doing business.
However, the company was in the red during the initial years as Mr Ling struggled to generate revenues for the company. “I was making losses back then,” a disheartened Mr Ling shared.

Nevertheless, instead of giving up, Mr Ling was determined to turn things around. He took up all sorts of jobs so as to find more ways to cover expenses for the company at the start. Also, with the lack of clients, Mr Ling knew he needed to build on branding for his company to reach out to the masses. With the evolvement of consumer patterns, the internet has become an omnipotent tool that can create awareness within the shortest period of time. “I decided to make the company known in the net. This is the fastest way to reach out to the public.” Besides, Mr Ling travelled the world to scout for cheaper alternative suppliers and distributors so that the company can increase its profit levels. Step by step, the company was beginning to see the light under the stewardship of Mr Ling. In no time, the company was providing a total solution to clients, providing hardware services such as printers and sealers, consumerables such as labels and stickers as well as software, something which Mr Ling is adroit in.

In the near future, Mr Ling hopes to expand his business overseas. “The Singapore market is just too competitive and too small for SMEs like mine to thrive and expand. The only way to grow is to explore opportunities overseas,” Mr Ling disclosed about the plights that engulfed most businesses locally.

For people who want to be their own boss as well, Mr Ling has some words of encouragement to share, “You need the leadership to control and steer the business to success. A clear business strategy is very important. More importantly, you must have the passion in the things that you are doing. Otherwise, everything else becomes meaningless.”

In addition, his recommendation is for people to “go out and experience the world first” and to “gain the relevant experience of the business before coming out to start off a business of your own”.

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Blk 151 Bukit Batok St 11 #03-254
T| 6515 9146
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E| sales@3-lab.com

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