Pet Passion

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Angeline Lee

Ms Angeline Lee has a deep passion for pets and animals ever since she was a child. With this huge love for animals, she started working in an animal clinic as a receptionist at the tender age of 19. After a few years, the opportunity to be a grooming helper came knocking on her doors and with no hesitation, Angeline took up the offer.

Under the encouragement of her family, Angeline decided to go to the United States to learn full grooming for pets in New York. Upon her return to Singapore, the decision to set up her own business was strongly supported by her family and friends. That, was the story behind Angeline’s decision to embark on entrepreneurship and ever since she made that decision, she has never looked back.

However, being a greenhorn in business, Angeline met with a myriad of hurdles initially. She was only waiting for walk-in customers when the business first started and that lasted for a whole six months. In that arduous period, she had no income or salary and time was really hard back then. “I was basically living on my reserves and I was really at a lost,” recounted Angeline. The main service in her shop was grooming and with little or no customers, Angeline was willing to accept any form of requests or clients just to make some money – even in the wee hours of the night. “Even if the customers bring their pets for grooming late at night, I will accept them as every opportunity is a chance for me to build on my reputation,” explained Angeline vividly.

With the dearth of clients initially, Angeline decided to embark on heavy packaging and advertisements to build on the business’s reputation and increase awareness of her company to the public. For a start, she started giving out flyers. “Every day, we spent 30 minutes to distribute to the surrounding HDB and private housings. No choice, we needed branding,” Angeline recalled with a heavy heart. Nevertheless, with perseverance, nothing is impossible. Through her adroitness in handling animals and the experience she had over the years, the service quality was evidently bearing fruit as clients started coming to the shop and business began to pick up after a period of time. “The best advertisement is actually through word of mouth!” Angeline exclaimed. Sharing about what differentiates her business from others, Angeline revealed that a part of the quality grooming in her business, she is very selective of taking in food products, as some products might contain substances that might have a long term side effect on the animals. “We pride ourselves as being professional, giving them advices and providing them with cheaper alternatives.”

Angeline added that what kept her so motivated to provide quality service in her business other than her passion is the satisfaction she derived when clients walk away from her shop feeling satisfied and happy. “My proudest achievement is that I managed to keep the relationship with all my customers and animals. To have the pet trusting you is one of the greatest achievements you can have. After every grooming, you will feel satisfied with your job and when I see my clients feeling happy, I feel their joy too.”

In the near future, Angeline plans to further expand her mini pet empire. For a start, she aims to share her passion and build on the culture in her staffs that having the heart for animals is the most important trait that is needed in her shop. She would provide the necessary trainings but what is of utmost importance is the passion and patience to deal with animals who will feel insecure when met with strangers initially.

Lastly, to those who wish to have their own mini empire like Angeline, she has some words of advice for you. “You only live once, so do the things you like and be happy. I started from scratch and persevered through the hard periods. Pet shop is a very competitive and stressful industry. Ask yourself if you have that patience and most importantly, do you love this job? If you are, and you are prepared for the worst, I would definitely encourage you to take up this journey when the chance comes by as the satisfaction derived from this business is out of this world!”

Contact Details:
Blk 352 Clementi Ave 2 #01-105
T| 6776 5677

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