Happy Paws (S) Pte Ltd

Website: www.happypaws.sg

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Steven Ker
Mrs. Linda Ker

In the small isle of Singapore itself, which spans only 268 squared miles, with a high-density population, comprising of nigh on 5 million. There are an average of 500,000 pet owners on land. This number disregards pet-owners who do not register legitimately with the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore. Evincing that Singapore is a pet-loving country, with a large magnitude of pet owners living in the tropical island.

Pets are animals kept for companionship and enjoyment. Pets are animals, which likes to be pampered. Among the ambit of animals likened for being a pet, canine; dogs are rife. This is when Happy Paws (S) Private Limited comes in. Bona fide experts in cynology: the study of dogs; their dieting habits, breeding, grooming. Mr Steven Ker and Linda Ker; siblings, under the spur for their solicitous, churning fervent love for pet dogs, established Happy Paws (S) Private Limited. “We started out knowing nothing about the trade. Obstacles were riddled everywhere.” the siblings chirped. Propitiously, the dilemma ended. “We had to pick up and learn
along the way. It was exigent.” they said.

The lack of manpower and a downturn of fiscal did not alleviate the blight. Under intense ameliorating, the company turned for the better. Sincere, passionate customer care handling, fervor learning and perseverance pulled through for the siblings, who added: “We were literally on a crash course, learning from past mistakes in order to excel.”

The company turned nascent, astutely. “Quality, not quantity.” the siblings states emphatically, in which superlative products is what made them so expedient in the sphere. This does shows for the company, which the groomer attains commendations from The Singapore Kennel Club, one of the largest canine communities in Singapore. The aforesaid groomer was also trained under an eminent Taiwanese professional groomer. Canine household animals retailed by the shop are attested pedigrees; well trained and show quality, imported from countries all over Asia.

Despite having comprehensive results in the business, to have honed the defending champion terrier for 2008 and 2009 consecutively in The Singapore Kennel Club Championship Dog Show, the siblings are still vehement in doing better. “We believe we could be superior, we are planning to expand; having clienteles from countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.” the sibling explained.

Entrepreneurship is exigent. “It’s a personal challenge.” the siblings said. “It’s an interest, passion and motivation. A life long learning journey.” they added. Cohesive rapport with friends, pet lovers, and customers assisted in spurring the siblings on.

Being observant, knowledgable erects a strong foundation for the company. “Being so, we are able to maintain the quality we yields.” the siblings exclaimed. “Live and let live. Being vindictive would not help at all.” they added.

“Be determined, willing to learn, put in the effort, be responsible and trustworthy. You shall see success.” the siblings explained, on attaining success. “Having good marketing skills; surveying the targeted population, be financially stable, being astute, and having backup plans helps perpetuating a business.”

The sibling thanked: “We are glad to receive the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise award. We, Happy Paws, will be having expansions here in Singapore. So do please support us. Thank you.”

Contact Details:
154 Serangoon North Avenue 1
T| 6288 8427
F| 6288 8472
E| steven@happypaws.sg


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