JPB International Services Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Ms. Jacklyn Yeo

JPB International Services Pte Ltd is a company that has 10 years of rich experiences in providing household with well-trained maids. Other services include home cleaning services such as spring-cleaning, office and home cleaning, and even laundry services.

The owner of the company is none other than Ms Jacklyn Yeo. “JPB is a combination of my name Jacklyn, P for my husband’s name and B whereby all my kids’ name start with B.” Ms Yeo explained.

To be the biggest maid’s supplier in this region, the company has built huge networks in Indonesia and Philippines to fulfill customers’ requirements. “In Jakarta, we have a 7000 meter square training centre which is fully equipped with training’s equipments,” Ms Yeo shared about the company’s operations with aplomb. Touching on the topic of her proudest achievement, Ms Yeo explicated with pride, “We have marked our name as one of the leading employment agencies that has hundreds of satisfied customers within this region”
The idea of setting up her own business started 15 years ago when her husband was a supplier in Indonesia. Back then, friends and relatives would get their maids from her.

Soon after, Ms Yeo and her husband got their maid license. Deciding to cross the Rubicon, Ms Yeo started this business and has not looked back ever since.

Initially, Ms Yeo had a tumultuous start. Problems such as getting a good location for her business and having a stable pool of customer base were just the tip of an iceberg.

Nevertheless, through referrals from friends and relatives and advertising, the company soon made a name for themselves in the industry. “I was literally giving flyers from door to door by myself to get enough clients.” Ms Yeo recounted.

Thus, what made Ms Yeo’s company stood out from her competitors? “We pride ourselves over providing good customer services, quality maids and other value added services with the most competitive price. We do not work towards maximizing profits because we value our customers as assets of our company. In-order to accomplish our mission, we do have an efficient, profitable and productive business.”

Enumerating her plans for the future, Ms Yeo expressed her desire to be a house hold name for employment agency within the next 5 years. “Whenever people think of hiring maids, they would think of JPB.” In addition, she intends to extend her services to be a one-stop solution for all problems inclusive of air tickets, helping the maids and to create a safer environment for them to work in.

Furthermore, Ms Yeo would like to extend her utmost gratitude to her workers and staffs that have been instrumental in bring the company to where it is today. “Without my staffs, there won’t be JPB.” Ms Yeo mentioned poignantly. In addition, she reiterated her faith in God and wanted to thank God for His support in JPB. “I would like to thank God for the blessing to keep JPB going and ensuring that our operations were smooth sailing. God inspires me to continue to strive harder to achieve greater heights.”

Over and above, Ms Yeo advocated on the qualities she felt were essential to be successful in business. She cited sincerity, ability to endure and take hardships, maintaining a down to earth attitude, and an unrelenting desire to work towards one’s goals as the key ingredients to succeed. “You must be prepared to give your 101% effort in your business.

Know your products well; gain enough experience in the things you want to do before delving in blindly. Never ever give up. A failure establishes only this, that our determination to succeed was not strong enough.” Ms Yeo espoused.

Contact Details:
Katong Shopping Centre 865 Mountbatten Road #01-16
T| 6787 1110 / 6844 0589
F| 6844 4695
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road
T| 6467 0039
F| 6469 8068

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