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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Roger Chew

“Whatever the mission, once you aim to achieve a specific goal, no matter how long and tedious the journey is, just keep pushing and never ever give up’, says Roger Chew, Group CEO of SFS Pharma Logistics.

Having served 13.5 years as a regular office with the SAF Commandos and drilled in the art of high state of readiness to move out at moment’s notice, these mentalities has instilled him to put these skills into good use in the business world.

Fresh out from Singapore Armed Forces in 2002, he embarked on his new career as a sales executive in the freight forwarding industry. Having achieved outstanding sales results specializing in niche market services, he prompted his management to focus on developing transportation capabilities focusing in the life science industry primarily in clinical trials distribution.

“Back in 2004 when I proposed to my senior management to focus on life science logistics, I was bluntly rejected that we cannot compete with established and bigger players”, recalled Roger.

“I was very sure that the life science industry will be the next big thing in Singapore and saw very few local logistics companies focusing in this niche market, so l decided to set up my own” recalled Roger.

“Branding and operational capabilities are two key components to win life science contracts” says Roger Chew. “Any temperature excursion during the transportation process will make the drug redundant and it may be the one and only one available. Also, without marketing and branding, no one will ever know that the company offers such speciality services.”

“The early days were tough and challenging, every sales appointment, my team have to spend lots of time to convince the pharmaceutical clients about our processes and what value we can add in comparison to their existing vendors. It was a long prospecting process taking several months” says Roger Chew.

Today, SFS Pharma Logistics headquartered in Singapore has over 23 offices in Asia, Europe, USA and Africa. The company specializes in the transportation of time critical and temperature sensitive clinical trials, frozen samples and biological substances. It serves the life science industry and counts both small and big pharmaceutical companies among its global customer.

Keeping with the tradition of high state of readiness, he ensures that each SFS office attends two training sessions annually to ensure the group is up to date on the latest development. Each SFS offices also have to undergo stringent audit and validation process on harmonization of standards and procedures.

“Our people abide by the principles of discipline, flexibility, adaptability and humility; these are the key qualities that set us apart. Our success lies in our unity, cohesion and deep sense of commitment” he says.

Above all, it is the unwavering commitment to serve in the life science industry that will keep SFS standing tall above challenges.

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T| 6348 8887
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E| singapore@sfspharma.com

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