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Mr. Calvin Chong

Have you ever notice how your senses sharpen in face of a challenging situation? You will be experiencing an adrenaline rush that gives you extra energy. If you see every day as a challenge, you would be surprised how efficient you can become, and how much you can accomplished.

Form the early days working as carpentry, Mr Calvin Chong knew that it was his dream to own his own company and to provide for his family. But it was not until nearly 20 years later that his dreams became a reality. After many years of struggle to convince the consumers on their ability and the prices which they set, innovation carpentry & décor is now handling many big projects from different well known brands and company.

In 1997, Mr Chong embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by initiating innovation carpentry & décor pte ltd. “I have been in this industry at a young age.” Mr Chong indicated. “I started innovation carpentry & décor due to my passion and interest as well. With whatever skill I learned in the past I thought it will be an easy task.” Mr Chong added. Mr Chong proceeded to carve out success using his bare hands over the years. “It was tough, as I started innovation carpentry & décor as a one man show, with limited resources. It was not long that I realized that this industry is not as simple as I thought it will be. There are a lot of areas we need to look into besides just sketching out a 2D diagram of the product.” Mr Chong laughed.

“We wanted our company name to be unique and easy to remember by all. The name innovation was suggested by one of my friend. Back in the old days, most company is name after their own name. Also the word innovation in Chinese means 创 新 which is to create something new.” Mr Chong divulge on how the company name come about.

innovation carpentry & décor started as a interior design for HDB, throughout the years the company grew under the leadership of Mr Chong. innovation carpentry & décor now handle a wide varieties of projects such as shopping mall, office, community centers, HDB , private and landed property. Devoted and self-disciplines within the company are one of the driving forces in delivering the best products and service to every clients and projects under taken.

As the company grew, Mr Chong knew that everyone in the company needs to keep abreast with the ever growing technologies used and to keep up with the latest trend. “We believe continuous investments in machinery and people development enable innovation carpentry & décor to create a learning organization.” Mr Chong elucidated. innovation carpentry & décor’s top priority is to meet client’s requirement and to provide the best solutions and advices to all.

When innovation carpentry & décor first initiated, Mr Chong only focuses in getting the products fit in the given space, they will hire different contractors for the different tasks; such as painting, wiring and tiling. Soon he realized that using different contractors would restrict them from realizing his initial plan of his project, as he does not have the full control over what the different contractors. Nevertheless, Mr Chong did not possess a pessimistic thought at that time. “Through trial and errors over the periods, I learned to see the whole big picture of renovation.” Mr Chong stated. innovation carpentry & décor now has its own teams of people in-charge of the various areas. With their teams of people, Mr Chong is able to supervise the whole site at any point of the time, ensuring that everything goes according to plan.

“Experience is the key point that set us apart from the other renovation firm in the industry.” Mr Chong remarked. “Base on our vast experiences, we are able to have better control over the time, process and materials used. Timely delivery of the project is crucial in our industry. Whether the client is able to move into their place depend on how fast we are able to complete the renovation. In order to build up our good reputation, we deliver what we promise at all cost.” Mr Chong explicated.

“One of my greatest achievements in setting up innovation carpentry & décor is to see the company grow from nothing to become something. The trust and the good testimonies from client is what kept us moving through all the down times. It’s a never ending learning journey in setting up you own company. The experiences gained throughout the years are irreplaceable. Though it might be tough, but the reward is priceless.” Mr Chong mused.

Mr Chong recounted on his entrepreneur journey and concluded, “Being an entrepreneur you need to be passionate about what you are doing, else you won’t have the motivation to keep moving in face of challenges. Sincerity and attitude toward your staff and clients are equally important; they are the reasons why your company is still operating. Only through understanding of each problems and situation, then will you be able to provide the best solution to them. Last by not the least, equip yourself with immense experiences.”

Mr Chong’s face beamed with zest when asked if there are any expansion plans for innovation carpentry & décor. “Well, expansion is always good, but we will do it only gradually. If opportunity comes knocking on our doors, we will definitely seize the opportunity. ” Mr Goh expounded: “However as of now, we are still focusing on building up the foundation of innovation carpentry & décor. So that, our clients can still enjoy our good services, be it small or big projects.” Mr Chong mentioning about innovation carpentry & décor’s customer centered beliefs.

Through Mr Chong’s entrepreneurial journey, one can depict that Mr Chong is an entrepreneur imbued with determination, hard work, inspiration, perseverance and courage. Mr Chong also strongly held on to his beliefs, despite all adversities. An entrepreneur like Mr Chong is someone, whom all of us could learn from.

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