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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Florence Lim

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear failure” by Bill Cosby. We could see the same inspiration in the live of Ms Florence Lim; director of Florence Music Pte Ltd. “It’s my passion to share my music experience with people around me. I want to share the same joy and happiness I found in music.” Florence elucidated why she chosen this particular industry. Through the course of entrepreneurship, Florence soon began to understand that success is easily procured with a positive attitude, commitment, and perpetual persistence.

Initiated in October 2009, Florence Music provides tuition in musical instruments such as piano, guitar and violin. Foreseeing the increasing demand for music in Singapore, Florence also introduces vocal lesson and kids program to aid in creating the music passion among the kids. “We provide comprehensive training for the students, to prepare them for their examination. To differentiate ourselves from the rest, we include the extra personal touch. I will try to meet-up with new enquiries and provide analysis on the child’s ability, character and make the correct match for them. Apart from that, I will synchronize expectations from all parents so as to achieve the right balance in order for each child to excel under my school.” Florence explained.

Florence’s desire in music industry dated all the way back when she first started learning music. Being a principal of a music studio for the past 13 years, her passion for music grew stronger by the day.

Despite having to face financial and manpower issues at the start, it doesn’t dampen Florence’s desire to start her music school. “Positive things happen to positive people. Anything is possible if you set your eyes on your goal.” Florence continued, “Since the initial, I have set my goal straight and I strongly believe that there are people out there who are just as passionate as I am! Staying positive is the key to all success.”

With its adept team of 12 at fore, Florence Music is able to proffer superlative quality teaching at competitive prices, making itself attractive among its competitors. “I am especially delighted when I received positive feedback from parents saying that they have benefitted from the program I offer. There are also cases whereby some of the students are on the verge of giving up music, but after discussion with the student and parents, my team changed the presentation, materials and even teaching style to cater to the student needs. Now those students go automatically to the piano and since enjoyed it.” Florence elucidated upon Florence Music’s past achievements.

Florence then went on to divulge her motivation and inspiration behind what she does, “My husband is my best motivator! He will always remind me to give my best in whatever I do and he will support me all the way. I am also inspired by him through how he lives his life. He is my role model.”

Florence Music is not going to just stop here. Its leader and team yearn to share these experiences with all residents of Singapore. “In the next 5 years, I hope to incorporate technologies into my teaching curriculum so as to keep up with the increasing dependency to technologies these days.” Florence disclosed the company’s expansion plans. One can see Florence’s commitment and hard work she dedicates for the music school and also for her students. Florence also gave a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs: “hard work and passion are equally important; do not expect to succeed over night. Think positively and believe in yourself. Plan ahead and be ready to face all challenges with a smile.”

Getting a business copacetic is not a simple task. It is certainly a phenomenon for Florence to be able to bring Florence Music to success. Young budding should revere to Florence’s humbleness, commitment, passion, and persistence. Florence Music amazing feat shall be indelible in the entrepreneurial world.

Contact Details:
1 Marine Parade Central Parkway Centre #06-04
T| 6345 5816
F| 6345 5819
E| florencemusic@singnet.com.sg

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