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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Tan Choon Hing

HLT International Pte Ltd formerly known as Hock Lee is recognized as one of the fore-runners in the Automotive, Tyre Servicing and Tyre Retreading Industry in South East Asia. Founded in year 1959 as the sole distributor of Toyo tyres, it worked closely with private bus companies in Singapore.

HLT International Pte Ltd grew exponentially as they are well known on delivering on their promises. Soon HLT International expands their product range to include batteries as well as becoming a distributor for Bridgestone’s truck and bus tyres.

In 1976, Chairman Mr Tan Choon Hing took over HLT International and spearheaded a massive transformation. Under his leadership, HLT International continues to expand their business offering equipment, tools, supplies and accessories for the automotive and tyres aftermarket.

Today, HLT International’s core business, is in the Automotive and Tyre Service industry, with established network of Offices, Service Centers and Warehouses in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, rendering technical support in the region. With their motto of “Bringing You The Greatest Ideas, Services & Products” and years of vast experience in the industry, HLT International is a Recognized company in the global arena, ranging from Vietnam, Indonesia, Mauritius, Papa New Guinea, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Japan, Taiwan and even South Korea.

Mr Joseph Tan took over his family business as a General Manager of HLT International Pte Ltd in year 2003. Desire to be a boss by himself has always been his dream since his teen’s age. He knew that with the resources gained in doing business is one of the best ways to help make life of other people better. After his studies and work in the United State for 5 years, he came back to Singapore to help out with his family business and at the same time creating network in the Asia. Coupled with the passion for cars, it helps Mr Tan quickly pick up his knowledge of the business.

Every business has its own challenging problems that had to be faced and it is no exceptional for HLT International. “Taking over a group of people who are previously managed by another director isn’t easy because these people have been used to doing things in their own ways, and if you get them to change, it poses one of the biggest challenges.”

However, that doesn’t pull Mr Tan down but instead he work even harder and figure out a solution. “I just have to communicate, brainstorm and discuss more with the employees; the communication process is not just random talking to the employees. There must be a focus and we must be very directed in what we are trying to communicate. Most importantly, I need to show them the result of the new ways of doing things. That is when employees will start to place their trust me, and in my new styles of doing things.” Mr Tan reminisced.

“Steve Job has always been my motivation and inspiration in life!” declared Mr Tan “His creativeness changed how people’s view on mobile phone and that is something I always wanted to learn, to impact people’s life.” Mr Tan continued. “To me personally, entrepreneurship means making people’s life better and bringing new ideas to the market that impact others and Steve Job is the best example of what an entrepreneurs is all about.” Mr Tan answered when asked on what entrepreneurship mean to him.

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be conform by your surrounding environment, the desire to succeed and the urge to reach your goal are the keys to unlock the doors that is standing in front of you and success. Although education is important, nevertheless, every step toward the goal of success requires perseverance, hard work and passion. Adding in creativity, determination and finding a good mentor to lead and guide you, it won’t be long that you will be able to see success coming your way.” Mr Tan advocate the raising entrepreneurs.

HLT International, after 52 years in the society, has not only helped in Singapore’s economic growth, but also helped creating employment opportunities for many. HLT International wishes to do a better with a brighter and fresher future for the brand and the patrons. “I am looking forward in expanding our market shares in Singapore and Malaysia and also Asian as a whole especially the developing economic in Asian. My aim for the company is not just growing in size but to also grow stronger and to be more efficiency than what we are today!” Mr Tan revealed his plan for HLT International.

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