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Names of Recipients:
Mr. David Lim
Mr. Eric Yii

Established since 2003, Settlers Café is the first board game-themed café in Singapore. Settlers Café has a collection of over 500 titles of games (and growing). With 9 years of experience, the largest games collection under one roof, and more than 1000 events held by Settlers Café. They are confident to meet your demands and provide more than what you need. Settlers Café is well-experience in organizing government, corporate and private events within the café and off-site.

“We have worked with MNCs, banks, statutory boards, schools and etc. We have also conducted book launch, wedding solemnization, birthday parties, movie parties or costume parties.” Mr Lim stated. “We pride ourselves in offering friendly game-hosting services to our customers, and ensuring their every visit a memorable and fun experience.” Mr Yii added.

Locating in a multi-national country like Singapore, Settlers Café also serves Halal food catering to the Muslim. Settlers Café’s food source is Halal Certified. However, due to the fact that Settlers Café is serving alcohol, the company is not Halal Certified. “We want to reach out to all group of customers in Singapore, we are still in the midst of finding solution to incorporate all our ideas into one.” Mr Lim expounded.

“I wanted to try something new and daring while I am still young. While I still have the time and energy, I wanted to do something different and live my life with no regret. Settlers Café is not just any board game café; we set up the café with the aim of promoting healthy culture in Singapore, building up bonds between people and also educational purposes.” Mr Yii reflected on what made him to start his entrepreneur journey. As for Mr Lim, it is all about fulfilling his dream in life. “Everyone has a dream, but not many people will realize their dreams. I want to be the minority and take charge of my life and not the other way around.” Mr Lim continued.

Mr Lim also mentioned how he managed to vanquish these hitches hindering Settlers Café: “Refining up a café and introducing new Italian, Western and fusion cuisine in Settlers Cafe is really tough. As much as the customers want to enjoy their board games, they would very much love to have a sumptuous meal in our café. Though we do have little experience, we never quit. We always keep ourselves prepared. Preparedness makes us powerful. We take in people’s feedback and suggestion and began developing the food that most customers like.”
“Like most of the other company out there facing financial problem, we do have the same difficulties. Maintaining of the Cafe, staff’s salary, food supply and the renter fees adds up to quite a measurable sum of money. We started to cut down on our expenses, and learn to serve the customers all by ourselves. Initially, it is hard to put down our ego but on the bright side, we have a supportive team of people that encourage and help one another.” Mr Lim remised. .

They were oblivious to the fact that they had attracted unwanted competition after initialization of Settlers Café. “It was really surprising.” Mr Yii admitted. “Nevertheless, many past customers adjudicated Settlers Café was superior in all and supported their café throughout. “It shows the trust they have in us and we appreciate that.” Mr Lim continued, “In every industry there bound to have competitors, and it is because of their existence that makes us stronger than before. We place our attention on the customers and not the competitors. We are all dedicated to provide our best to our customers trying to customize to their every needs and not what the other competitors are doing.” Mr Yii then commented conceitedly “In Settlers Café, we have the most number of games. We are gamers ourselves, and we can’t resist getting more new games to share the fun and excitement with our customers. Our culture of hosting game also stands out among the others. We also make sure all of our staffs know how to play at least 60 games in our café.” Mr Yii answered on how Settlers Café differentiates themselves from their competitors.

Mr Lim proceeded to reminisce about Settlers Cafe’s past achievements, stating “The strong friendship build up among the different directors through the difficult times is one of our greatest achievements. With 5 different directors (Su Chung Jye, Eric Yii, Kae Jer Cheo, Mabel Wang and David Lim) walking towards the same goals and vision, it is quite rare. Different people tend to have different thinking and ways in handling a situation, however in our company, everyone works as a family.
Through unity and understanding of one another, we are able to face all challenges head on, no matter how big the problems might be.” Mr Yii then continued, “We believe that we can achieve anything in the next few years and reach greater heights, if we were to stay united.”

For Mr Lim, entrepreneurship is a channel for people to fulfill their dreams. “Everything starts off with a dream, which must pair up with your vision. Entrepreneurship to me is about sacrificing, risk, patience and a lot of hard work.” Mr Lim defines. For Mr Yii, entrepreneurship is an equation. “Entrepreneurship is all about finding the right balance of commitment, risk, passion and the willingness to get out of your comfort zone.” Mr Yii elucidated.

The prospect of freedom if you succeed could be very inspiring. However, success does not come overnight. “A successful entrepreneur must know their dream and must have determination to see it till completion.” Mr Yii remarked. Mr Lim asserted “Business is not all about taking and gaining from the others. It is also about giving. You must be willing to give and scarifies before one is able to start receiving.” “Set your goals, and know your limitations.” Mr Lars also guided “One cannot be good in everything. Seek advice or help on things that you are not good at.”

Both Mr Yii and Mr Lim without are doubt optimistic about Settlers Café’s expansion plans. “We are looking forward to set up 4 more Cafes locating in the North, South, East and west location. If possible, we are thinking of branching out Settlers Café to the South East Asia.” Mr Lim then concluded on the expansion plan of Settlers Café “Though expansion is good, but we are still at the stage of defining and refining the new culture and image of Settlers Café.”

Contact Details:
39 North Canal Road
T| 6535 0435
F| 6535 1620

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