HUGO Kitchen Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Stephanie D Bay

“Confidence is the key to success. You need to stay positive to stay strong out of your convenience in an entrepreneurship. Be sincere to your customers, and always fulfill their needs.” Stephanie elucidated.

Miss Stephanie D Bay joined the civil service after graduating with a Degree in Business Administration and she quickly established herself amongst her peers as a dynamic and motivated individual. Fuelled by a strong passion for entrepreneurship, Stephanie started her own business in 1985 before moving on to the HUGO Kitchen in 1995 and has been actively involved ever since.

Recognizing the growing demands for quality kitchens and sensing the potential in specializing in the kitchen industry, Stephanie started Hugo Kitchen in 2003, focusing on building aesthetically appealing and quality kitchens to meet the tastes, lifestyles, and satisfaction of modern homeowners who are meticulous and precise with their needs. Some of the high profile brands Hugo Kitchen has carried include Del Tongo and Allmilmo. Since its inception, Hugo Kitchen has grown expeditiously over the past 6 years to become an influential provider of premium kitchen solutions.

“It’s difficult to convince customers why they need to pay so much for a kitchen. People were skeptical of us, as we were new at start.” Stephanie disclosed some of the hurdles met when initiating HUGO Kitchen. Nevertheless, what segregates HUGO Kitchen from the pack is the confidence that it possesses in its products. “We believe in our superlative products, and what we want to put across to our clients.” Stephanie explicated. “We believe in quality, and we do not compromise in the quality of our products. Stephanie invested heavily on the software and technology, as she saw the needs to provide quality services to her customers beside just the quality of the products. We were also lucky that we have many supportive clients to trust us with big orders.” Stephanie continued, and elucidated upon how the company conquered its predicaments. Having an accumulation of complements and testimonials is what makes HUGO Kitchen filled with pride. “It practically means that we have achieved what we wanted all along. To us, that’s success.” Stephanie regarded with elation.

“Entrepreneurship is all about being daring to take on risks, and believing in yourself.” Stephanie asserted on the pertinence of an entrepreneur able to get out of his comfort zone. “Despite all these hardship, nothing beats the satisfaction of success.” Stephanie then espoused: “Dare to try. Fear not of what others say about you.” Urging young people to be intrepid and ignore all spurious comments that discourage you. A perceptive Stephanie then said: “To be successful in business, you need to be patient. Success does not happen on a dime. You need to be diligent and work for it. You need to be able to work honestly and in a friendly manner in order to have more patrons. Furthermore, you need to be experienced so as to overcome obstacles in a competent manner.” Stephanie paused for a moment. “If you qualify for all these requirements, chances are, you would turn out to be a successful entrepreneur.”

“We are looking into expanding our range of products to China and other Asia country,” Stephanie revealed her expansion plans. Without doubt, these implementations will accentuate HUGO Kitchen’s operations even further.

Contact Details:
Park Mall #01-22/23 9 Penang Road
T| 6336 8898
F| 6336 8898

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