Goh & Foong Contractors Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Thomas See
Mr. Jeffrey See

Behind every successful man is a woman. Behind that very woman, is his wife. This very fact stands in the roaring trade. Goh & Foong Contractors is a company, which stands exceedingly upright today, engendered down to the credit of the spouses of its co-founders, Mr Thomas See and Mr Jeffrey See. Siblings who had went through a partnership filled with joy, sorrow, pain, and luster.

Goh & Foong Contractors has been around for more than two decades. With over a century of employees and an attainment of recognition of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). Pundits in a gamut of constructing related sectors, from General Building to intricate Cable/Pipe Laying and Road Instatement, or down to elementary but hard to master curtain walls. Goh & Foong would have the ultimate resolution for your hitches.

Goh & Foong is christened after their spouses’ patronymics. Nothing is always smooth at start. Bringing a roaring trade viable is always strenuous. There’s always the problem of vicissitudes. In the past when the company initiated, it requires large capitals to enter the construction industry. The company was not being nascent and rivals were exigent. Circumstances issued from the government did not assisted at all, causing a loss of profits for the company. Operations in the company were amorphous. A debacle ensued.

The siblings though, did not give up. Being determined, they persevered on; self-reliant. “Grants were not introduced that time, neither bank loans.” they explained. The siblings realized they could only pull themselves out of the hot soup. With the rapport of their spouses, being mavericks, they defeated the hiccups expediently, acerbic. Putting the company on a prominent track to success.

Goh & Foong Contractors is reputedly at its holistic empyrean in the industry. Despite so, it’s constantly ameliorating itself. “We couldn’t be complacent in any single way.” the siblings said. It’s discerning to see why when the company is liable to handling large-scale projects up to $13 million. Employees attend educational classes to remain steadfast in the industry. “We had to hone our people to be competent, with impeccable workmanship, along with the line of safety as utmost priority.” they added.

“We are constantly looking for talents in this field, it’s our way of staying ahead in front of the pack.” the siblings said. Being realists, they are exceptionally obligated that they could remain viable, this far. The sense of leadership also spurs the siblings. “Entrepreneurship is all about innovating. Create something from nothing; your bare hands. Serving people is an utmost priority. A good leader is a good entrepreneur.” they replied, when asked what does entrepreneurship meant to them. “Perseverance, hardwork and honesty is required.” the siblings added when asked upon the qualities needed for a successful entrepreneur.

“I am very happy that we are being awarded the Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise title. Subsequently, we will expand our business for the general public. Thank you.” The sibling thanked gratuitously, obliged on customer’s fervor rapport. With such a stark leader at its pack of cadres, Goh & Foong would go on to excel in the roaring trade.

Contact Details:
40 Toh Guan Rd East #01-66
Enterprise Hub S(608582)
T| 6873 3766
F| 6873 3265
E| gfcontractor@yahoo.com.sg

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