Stylistique Ads (S) Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Edwin Yap

Stylistique Ads (S) Pte Ltd was founded in 1986 by Mr Edwin Yap, the director of the company. It specialises in providing signage services to constructions and new developments. Its main clients are mainly the builders, architects, designers and developers. Having worked in the similar trade for 4 years prior to starting this business, Mr Yap understood the processes and with his passion for the arts, it was inevitable that Mr Yap turned his passion into a career. “I like the arts. I love seeing a sheet of white paper having 3D objects and the satisfaction in my clients’ faces when the products are out. That feeling is out of this world,” a confident Mr Yap shared.

However, as with most businesses, manpower and cash flow issues were some of the initial obstacles that Mr Yap had to deal with before his business flourished. “It was tough back then. Cash flow was always a perennial problem and the market for such services was not as rosy as it is today. I had to overcome such problems and it was never easy to find the right candidate for this job as not many wanted to take up such jobs in the past,” Mr Yap explained with a heavy heart as he recalled his earlier struggles.

Nevertheless, being determined to see through this project, Mr Yap worked tirelessly round the clock, burning midnight oil to attempt to cover all the areas that needed fine-tuning and left no stones unturned. More importantly, with cash flow being the biggest headache, Mr Yap took on other small jobs in the meantime to ensure the company had liquidity in funds.

“The company has been through a lot of crisis throughout the years. During market downturns, there will be a lot of negative things happening. We must stay positive and believe that this is only going to be temporary and better times lie ahead of us,” Mr Yap espoused about the importance of having an optimistic attitude in business.

Furthermore, throughout the years, Mr Yap has developed a niche in his business through the following: Improving his relationship with his clients, building trust and providing quality services that ensure all the clients’ problems are solved. “When you solve their problems, your own problems will also be rectified ultimately. Without the support of your customers, there will not be business and you won’t survive.”

Highlighting his biggest achievement thus far, Mr Yap pointed to the project in Changi Airport as being the most memorable. “It has to be the CAG. We were the first signage company to fabricate and install their new logo, and we completed it in a short period of time. It was a milestone for my company.”

Mr Yap felt that entrepreneurs must have a dream and goal in life. “I want to let people know my company is different from others. It is uniquely designed by me. That has to be a trait that all entrepreneurs possess.” He added that entrepreneurs needed to understand the fact that there are many people out there that are facing difficulties as well and thus have the perseverance to come out tops from their struggles as well. “You must get out of your comfort zone, be clear of what you want, have a time frame to achieve the goal and be clear of the procedures to achieve your aims.”

Lastly, Mr Yap has plans to further expand his company in the near future. He intends to further improve on the strategies and planning of his company and augment his services to better meet the needs of the ever changing taste and preference of the customers.
With such a forward looking director managing the company, Stylistique Ads (S) Pte Ltd certainly has a solid foundation for its future.

Contact Details:
Blk 1 Defu Lane 10 #04-575
T| 6285 6166
F| 6285 6766

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