BK Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Yeoh Boon Kang

BK Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd was set up by Mr Yeoh Boon Kang first in Malaysia in 1995 and thereafter in Singapore in 1996. The company has since provided a wide range of consultancy services to architectural, civil and structural projects for commercial, residential, industrial and institutional buildings.

When asked about the reason behind his motivation to be a businessman, Mr Yeoh explained, “I started to think about starting my own company after reading a book titled ‘think and grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill. The book inspired me to seek to fulfil my full potential and to have the freedom to decide my own fate.”

Having worked more than five years in an engineering consultancy environment prior to this business start up, it was inevitable that this industry was what Mr Yeoh genuinely wanted to see himself working in.

Interestingly, two years after Mr Yeoh started his own business, he was assigned a design project at a 5-storey factory in Johor Bahru. “The design-and-build contractor involved was experiencing problems in the process, and asked me to lead the teams until the project’s completion. It didn’t sound like an easy task, given my young age then at 31 years old,” recalled Mr Yeoh. Nevertheless, he accepted the challenge and strived to motivate his team in ensuring the project’s success. In the end, everything turned out well and all the hard work came to fruition. “As an added bonus, the success has also helped to boost my reputation, enabling me to gain wider recognition and hence more and bigger opportunities in my career,” he further added.

Nevertheless, as with most business start-ups, Mr Yeoh had many hiccups along the way initially. “I was only 30 when I started my business. It was not easy to gain the trust of my clients who were older and more experienced in the industry. Eventually, my hard work, sincerity, friendliness and knowledge helped to prove my company’s capabilities and eventually win over numerous clients. Also, we only had one draft man at the beginning and I had to handle all the work related to design, marketing and invoicing on my own. It was definitely an arduous process but my passion for the job kept me going and as my company grew, things got better.”

Be that as it may, Mr Yeoh viewed such setbacks with a positive mindset and worked doubly hard to deliver their services on time. Mr Yeoh’s philosophy is also to “not choose only big projects but also do smaller projects with the same professional attitude” so that clients can see the determination and dedication each and every one of the workers put into their work to achieve success. In addition , having two outlets in both Johor Bahru and Singapore, the company has no manpower issues and “we can utilise manpower from either side to support their works.”

When it come to sharing about his biggest achievements, Mr Yeoh said, “We managed to secure a RM350 million shopping centre, 2 hotel blocks and 2 apartment blocks in Johor Bahru and a S$80 million Data pore Centre in Tampines and Serangoon North . Subsequently, we secured a few more apartment jobs in both Johor Bahru and Singapore. We are currently working on the fourth Data Centre.” Indeed, the success of the company is the testament to the effort that Mr Yeoh and his workers has put in.

To people who wish to be like him, Mr Yeoh full-hearted urged all to “Dare to dream big”. He emphasised that entrepreneurs enjoy what they do and believe firmly in it. To be successful, he believes that hard work, honesty, determination and keeping promises are crucial in gaining the trust of the clients.

In the near future, he aims to continue to grow and expand his horizon to other Asean countries since he has already obtained the Asean Chartered Engineer Certificate. With such a capable leader at the helm, BK Consulting Engineers Pte Ltd certainly looks to be the market leader for many years to come.

Contact Details:
20 Sin Ming Lane #04-54 Midview City
T| 6383 0973
F| 6570 9937
E| bkce@bkengr.com.sg

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