Goldplus Universal Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Chung Sui Foh

“The key to success is having the ability to see the big picture. We should treat everyone in the company equally, as everyone from the Human Resource all the way down to the delivery man is important as the company cannot operate independently of one another.” Mr Chung Sui Foh elucidated.

Mr Chung Sui Foh, leader of Goldplus Universal Pte Ltd; a business which proffers in marketing and distribution of healthcare products. Initiated in April 1998, Goldplus Universal had flourished prolifically. Growing from strength to strength, with rapid expansion plans that include Myanmar, Hong Kong and Brunei, Goldplus Universal is now one of the formative market leaders in the industry.

“I was frustrated that I see no potential working under somebody else.” Mr Chung shared upon why he chose to initiate his entrepreneurship. Goldplus Universal’s progress was so fecund that they have suppliers/Manufacturers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Australia, India, USA and United Kingdom. This spontaneous progression was due to Mr Chung’s litheness in the industry, “I see the potential in the trade, be it good or bad times there is always a demand of health care.” Mr Chung explained.

Before the high comes the low, “Initially we are financially troubled, as being a new company no banks are willing to provide a loan to us. Furthermore with no track history, we are not able to gain the trust of our supplier. All the supplies we ordered are in cash term.” Mr Chung commiserated. Perturbed by the setbacks, the founders were staunched to extirpate this impediment. “For the start, I borrowed money from my family and friends to ease our cash flow issues. Determined to build up the company, everyone work profusely and within a short span of half a year we get to see the result. Supplier started trusting us and giving us credit term for our supply” Mr Chung expounded on how Goldplus Universal vanquished the setback.

Goldplus Universal possesses a notion that perpetual quality personal care, healthcare and pharmaceutical products must be offered to our partners in order for success to prevail. “We believe in giving impeccable services. We train our staff to be available anytime of the day and never say “NO” to the customers. We understand the needs of end users and seek to develop products that will exceed the expectations of the customers.” Mr Chung asserted. On top of that, Goldplus Universal also has the ability to launch newly off-patent medicines as soon as possible. With such pluperfect caliber, Goldplus Universal was already on the path to success.

Mr Chung disclosed Goldplus Universal’s achievement with gusto, “We started from scratch where we made zero dollar in our sale, to now we are looking at multi-million dollar sales turnover per year. Adding on, the greatest achievement is being approach by one of a big America company to help sell their products.”

“Entrepreneurship to me is all about passion and determination. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, as long as you have the passion and the determination to pull through all the hard times.” Mr Chung interpreted his denotation upon entrepreneurship.
A good entrepreneur does not throw in the towel despite how hard things might be. “Set your eyes on your goals, and believe in yourself.” Mr Chung also divulged the meaning behind the company name. “Goldplus which mean adding on wealth, whereas Universal symbolizes global expansion. Combining both words together, it represents an every growing company with no limit.”

Mr Chung was enthralled to share Goldplus Universal’s plans for expansion, “We will continue to grow and to be the top few companies in the generic pharmaceutical, healthcare and personal care products.” Mr Chung ends off by sharing, “An entrepreneur must have perseverance and persistency.”

Contact Details:
Blk 1026 Tai Seng Avenue #06-3534
Tai Seng Industrial Estate S(534413)
T| 6749 3168
F| 6748 1008

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