Eriweld International Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Thomas Tay

Eriweld International Pte Ltd is the leading player in Singapore for lighting protection system. Founded in 1999 by its director, Mr Thomas Tay, the company has partnered world renowned brands to provide solutions to customers.

For more than 10 years, Eriweld International has brought its expertise in Total lighting protection to serve all sectors including Military, Home Defence, Land Transport, Aviation, Offshore Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Commercial & Industrial Facilities, education facilities, recreational, marine, electronics industry, telecommunications and many others.

Mr Thomas started off with the business after being recommended by a friend. “It’s that simple. I was introduced to this by a friend,” Mr Thomas quipped. “My company aims to be your one stop solution, solving your problems with lightning in this diversified industry. We take pride in ourselves to provide a complete and comprehensive solution for Lightning Protection to protect lives and property against the devastating effects of lighting.”

With no prior experience in this industry, it can be said that Mr Thomas was “taking a huge gamble” to delve into the unknown whereby most of the other competitors have been around for the past 30 years. “What to do? I have to learn everything from the beginning. Otherwise, those companies out there will just kick me out,” Mr Thomas lamented.

Furthermore, with no credit worthiness as the company was a new start up, funding and capital flow was an issue for Mr Thomas, who needed huge funds to be able to get the supplies from suppliers.

To turn the business around, Mr Thomas decided to increase awareness of his company and search for customers “one by one”. Furthermore, with a team comprising of members with more than 50 years of experience, Eriweld slowly gained market share over the years to become one of the leading player in Singapore for Lightning Protection System today.
Sharing about his achievements, Mr Thomas said with aplomb, “Over the years, we have expanded to the region with offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia & China serving a wider range of industries and customers. With this capability, we are able to support our customers in Singapore who have projects in the region. Our dedication to our customers and belief in providing the best possible products and services has led us to a leading position. Eriweld’s success over the years has led to diversification into other product range as well.”

To Mr Thomas, entrepreneurship is about “Someone that is willing to go through a hard and long journey to achieve what they want.” To be successful, he felt that hard work, sincerity, attitude in life and respect for clients are some of the key ingredients. “The way they treat external and internal parties, whether they treat people with respect can tell much about the person’s character and his attitude towards life.”

Lastly, for people who aspire to be like him, Mr Thomas advised that one needs to be realistic in business, be willing to learn from those who have been through this process, listen and gain experience along the way. “No one is born to be successful. Business is about experience and accumulating the experience to weather through all storms. Most importantly, take care of all the legal part in business well. Ensure all the relevant documentation and authorisation are finalised.”

With such a meticulous and courageous leader at the helm, Eriweld certainly seems certain to continue to be the market leader for many years to come.

Contact Details:
51 Ubi Ave 1, Paya Ubi Industrial Park #05-22
T| 6749 3928
F| 6749 3244

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