Lights Collection Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Ivan Lo
Mr. Michael Chia
Ms. Rosa Hein

Michael Chia, Ms Rosa Hein, Mr Ivan Lo inherited the similar characteristics. The three of them came together in year 2007 and started Lights Collection Pte Ltd. They were extremely focus on what they want, they build their name up as a retailer of exclusive and brand name decorative lighting, and they only provide higher range products in their retailer outlet. Adding on to their cutting edge, they enable clients to be involves in customizing their own lighting products. Just like the company name ‘LIGHTS COLLECTION’ it means and refers to their goal of careful selection of exclusive ranges of quality merchandise.

Lights Collection imports its lights from USA, all over EUROPE and CHINA. Their range includes crystal chandeliers, architectural, outdoor landscape, modern and the latest LED fixtures.

“I have always dreamed of being a boss of my own. With the encouragement of my family and also Mr Michael Chia and Ms Rosa Hein, I pluck up all my courage and took the first steps to pursue my dream.” Ivan continued “But every dream and story is never without its challenges! When the three of us started the business and our showroom is located on the River Valley road which was not a shopping district and had little-walk in customers.” Ivan reminisced. It might be discouraging to all three directors; however, they did not sit back and let challenges and setbacks defeat them. They work harder to provide extra effort and good service, recommendation of suitable light fixture base on the customers’ needs. Oftenly, they will drop by, customers’ site to ensure the item (s) selected was suitable and matching. To be able to give good recommendation based on their product knowledge and experiences. This involves spending more time on each customer, using more sincerity in explaining and enabling them understand the rationalize behind the recommendation.
“For our hard work; there are many good testimonies on our products and good services. Many return and have even introduce customers to us. The business drew due to the good word of mouth which enables LIGHTS COLLECTION to establish a reliable brand name in the industry” Michael remarked.

“To be successful in business, you need to know your product well and have to have confidence in it. A well-planned business structure or business flow is needed in order to be successful. At any point of time, you should open up for advices and feedback. Constant evaluation of the business mode is needed.

“It is through the numerous of failures, that we gained many valuable lessons which was never taught in class by any of our lecture or professor. With the lesson learned, you will better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, this increase the chances of achieving greater success. Also, you need to ensure all service personnel to be truthful, honest, and responsible and provide good service in dealing with any customer.” Rosa advocates the budding entrepreneur.

Moving forward, LIGHTS COLLECTION is looking at expanding its current ranges to be able to hold different concept of products into one showroom, this allow Lights Collection to provide more choices and products range to customers, and also to ease their trouble of having it in a different location. With the niche customers, base LIGHTS COLLECTION is focusing on, instead of expanding in width, LIGHTS COLLECTION a well-known name in Singapore.

Contact Details:
241 River Valley Rd
5 Mohd Sultan Rd #01-01
T| 6737 5518
F| 6737 0670

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