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Name of Recipient:
Ms. Ng Yu Kai

“A child’s life is like a piece of white paper on which every passerby leaves a mark,” as the saying goes. Ykidz Montessori @ Toa Payoh(Ykidz) which was set up and registered by Ministry of Education in 2009 is hereby to leave every child a visible mark in his/her memorable childhood.

The objective of Ykidz is to nurture their inherent strengths and talents in a quality learning environment such that the child will be able to develop his/her potentials in a wide array of interests. Ykidz’s curriculum is especially designed to stimulate the child’s interest in learning in both academic and non- academic subjects. “Learning will be long lasting if it is done in children’s own initiative and not force on them.” Ms Ng Yu Kai, principal of Ykidz explicated.

More importantly, Ykidz emphasizes the building of strong fundamentals of these children at their early years’ of development. This will help facilitate a smooth transition to their next learning stage. Ykidz also provides an appropriate guide to our new generation to be more creative and independent, to respect and accept one another, and to be able to work together in harmony in this diverse society. The ultimate goal of Ykidz is to help these children grow and contribute to the society in their own unique and creative ways in later years.

Breaking free from the traditional teaching philosophy and style, Montessori teaching focus is based on the five areas of development (physical, language, intellectual, social and emotional), concentration, lots of hands on experience, independent learning, responsibility, help the children to understand their environment, discipline and decision making. “Our teachers are Montessori trained and are highly qualified with many years of experience. We emphasize on small group teaching which allows teachers to pay more attention to each child,” Ms Ng continued. “We respect every child as an unique individual; our curriculum is well designed to assist every child’s early stage of learning. Last but not the least; we have a wide range of enrichment courses for children aged from 16 months to 8 years old.”

Ms Ng who studied Fine Arts in LaSelle SIA and obtained a Fine Art degree from RMIT, became interested in children’s arts and pre-school education. With strong desire and passion, what she really wants is to incorporate arts education into the pre-school curriculum and also adopt a variety of pedagogic methods and styles of early childhood learning. With this in mind, Ms Ng started to take professional courses on leadership and other courses relating to pre-school education. She also conducted research on various pedagogic methods before embarking on setting up Ykidz Montessori @ Toa Payoh.

“When I was young, I like to dream about doing something differently. That is the reason why unlike other young people I did not pursue academic courses and instead, I did a fine arts degree. Fortunately my parents are very open-minded and supported what I did all the while. ” Ms Ng reminisced. “Through this entrepreneurial journey, I learnt that cultivating a good relationship with parents, kids and even the teachers are very important in any successful endeavor. Along the way, you will definitely meet with many obstacles. Don’t be disheartened by these obstacles, and most important of all, prepare to learn from your past mistakes and become stronger and determined than ever before.” Ms Ng noted.

“As long as you do everything from your “Heart”, the people around you will feel it and will be touched by what you did.” Ms Ng emphasizes. This is also what makes Ykidz different from the rest of other children enrichment centers. “All the staffs here are hand- picked by me personally. I don’t focus too much on their formal qualification. To me, passion for what they are doing, especially their earnest desire to constantly advance children’s learning and their development. Their efforts and contributions including their zest to make Ykidz a success that make us shine together,” Ms Ng continued. “Our staffs have a strong bonding with children’s parents. To them, we are just like their fellow friends. Parents feel very comfortable to give us useful feedback on our management and teaching instead of complaining. They have peace of mind when they know their children are in good hands.”

“To me, entrepreneurship is all about striving for turning innovative ideas into a working reality. You may have to pay a price for such striving. Eventually, you will be rewarded for your efforts,” an insightful Ms Ng noted. “Strong support from people I love and my strong passion for the endeavor is what keeps me moving forward,” Ms Ng shared her personal experience.

To be a successful entrepreneur, Ms Ng elaborated, “You need to be creative all the time. It is not just coming out with new ideas, but to turn these ideas into reality is even more important. In the process, you have to manage mobilize the right people around you for achieving the goal. Again, your passion for success does matter.” Ms Ng advised aspiring entrepreneurs before they start their business to do their homework, especially do a thorough research on their respective business line. She added, “Setting up a business is not as easy as one thinks. With sheer determination and perseverance, one can succeed if he constantly makes improvements and learn from mistakes.”

Ms Ng then details her future plan for Ykidz. “We cannot just stop here. I am looking into expanding 2 to 3 more branches around Singapore. As much as I want to expand, I will first focus on training of teachers. I will make sure that all the teachers are well-trained, able to provide quality education and care in helping the kids to lead a successful life.”
With devotion and strong passion for children, it is without doubt a greater success is visible on the horizon for Ykidz.

Contact Details:
No.3 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 HSR Tower 1 #01-06
T| 6302 5654/9790 3690
F| 6302 5653
E| ykidzmontessori@gmail.com

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