Lighting Centre Group

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Michael Chia
Ms. Rosa Hein

Mr Michael Chia and Ms Rosa Hein has filled people’s homes with lights, lighted up hotels, lounges, show flats and estates with many of their beautiful wide selection of fixtures, crystal chandeliers, alabasters, architectural, latest LED fixture, exterior and much more… … The LIGHTING CENTRE GROUP was established 25 years ago, 22th April 1987. In 1999, they established its in-house brand “LIGHTS”. Its corporate colour is turquoise green. Their motto is “LIGHTS WITH A DIFFERENCE”.

With initial staff strength of four, they have grown to now over 30 staff in the Lighting Centre. Mr Michael and Ms Rosa too had their fair share of toils and struggles, they have braved through the downhill of economy and attained from the uphill of it. Although manpower is still a sustaining problem, Mr Michael finds that it is pretty difficult to get good employment; the challenge is employing younger Singaporeans these days. As many younger generations would prefer a job which suits an office lifestyle rather than interest in the retail sales trade.

Currently Lighting Centre core business is Retailing, Wholesaling, Projects, Customizations and Export. Mr Michael and Ms Rosa had started the Lighting Centre small, with only retail outlets at the start and proceeding on to work with various interior designers and architects, where they expanded into more outlets. They felt it was lucky for them when they started their enterprise, as at that point of time there were much more opportunity in the market and expenses was much lower in the past. They would buy goods at a more affordable value for money. Lighting Centre considers customer service an exceptional factor. They often train and remind their staffs on excellent customer service.

They have achieved Singapore Service Star Award for the past years, besides archiving Singapore Outstanding Enterprise 2012 Award, LIGHTING CENTRE GROUP has also received Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award and Promising SME 500 2013. They would do many projects like showroom and show flats thus, being able to directly deal and interact with their customers so it is more personalized in their service.

Presently the LIGHTING CENTRE GROUP is focusing more on aspects that mean more. They feel that instead of opening outlet and displaying all the stock they have on hand, they decide to focus more on creating different showrooms for different levels, such as, exclusive showrooms catering more for high-end customers, modern showroom theme and traditional showroom theme. They have also moved on to opening concept shops, showcasing just two brands, they would partner with direct manufacturer and showcase their products directly in their shop. Their outlet in Johor has 3 different levels, each catering to a different set of theme.

The LIGHTING CENTRE GROUP has served many customers which include the royal family, five-star hotels, various Minister Homes and also, many a times, sponsoring the lighting for studio sets of events and dramas for Mediacorp.

Being in the industry for 25 years, Mr Michael and Ms Rosa would like to take this opportunity to really show their much thanks and appreciation to a good German friend, Mr Herman Nobis, who has diligently been with Mr Michael for the past 23 years. Mr Nobis who is well known and recognized for his work in the glass and lighting industry, has helped him a lot also in sourcing and customizing of lightings, especially in his trips to Europe, showing Mr Michael various smaller companies in the town and mountain area. These smaller companies were useful to Mr Michael as he had really done a lot of good customize and OEM items with them. These smaller European companies are humble and hardworking and they do not demand for large quantity. They have helped the LIGHTING CENTRE GROUP with many fine detailed customizations, bringing more honour to their brand. They would like to say, “Thanks to such a great friend, Mr Nobis.”

It is truly self-satisfaction for Mr Michael being in this industry, he always feels more happy and complete satisfaction to know that he has helped in the small details of providing light into people’s homes, business and comfort. Mr Michael is truly a remarkable man in my own words and has definitely done well in providing good, heart-felt service personally for his royal customers.

Contact Details:
12 Woodlands Industrial Park E1
T| 6365 0600
F| 6365 0900
400 Balestier Road #01-28 Balestier Plaza
T| 6560 5300
609 Balestier Road
T| 6251 6433

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