Victorian Flair Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Caroline Sim

Failures are made only by those who fail to dare, not by those who dare to fail- Lester B. Pearson. The exact quote is the fundamental principal for Victorian Flair Pte Ltd, and its leader Ms Caroline Sim. Success was onerous to achieve, however, through the course of entrepreneurship, Ms Sim soon began to learn that success is easily procured with a positive attitude, determination, commitment, and perpetual persistence.

Initiated in July 2011, Victorian Flair Pte Ltd was started by Ms Sim with a simple reason of wanting to excel her skills in interior decorating, and to take her career to the next level. Together with her husband’s encouragement and support, it gave Ms Sim the necessary courage to kick start her entrepreneur’s journey. “We sell French and Victorian style furniture, home accessories, mirrors and even lightings.” Since I am selling furniture of French and Victorian style, the name VICTORIAN FLAIR fit in well and speaks for itself.” Ms Sim explicated the meaning of the company name. “We take customer ideas and feedback into consideration; with our in-house designer, we are able to generate variety of French and Victorian Furniture caters to Asian style.” Ms Sim expounded.

Passion has been her main inspiration of ideas, which lead her to perform better, work harder and live happier. “I think this is a perfect business for me, as it has always been my dream to create beautiful homes with beautiful furniture.” Ms Sim reminisced. “
The initiation of Victorian Flair was a despondent one. “My time management skill is been put to test, juggling with 2 jobs initially; ensuring business are profitable, and also balancing family life. Physically, it is also very draining, a lot of times were spent in doing research and creating new products that resulted in many sleepless nights, thus draining up all my energy.” Ms Sim mulled over how the business started. Nevertheless, Ms Sim was staunched to make a change, “I kept reminding myself to stay calm and be positive so that I am able to pull through this period of hardship.” Ms Sim shared. “I began learning the ropes along the way; I also sought for people’s advice, and try to understand their wants and needs.” Ms Sim disclosed. Thankfully, Ms Sim’s effort were not in vain, being able to better priorities her work-life, she is able to management her time and work more effectively than before.

What distinct Victorian Flair from the rest in the industry is the ability to work from your heart. “We provide good and warm customer service to our customer, especially to all walk-in customers, I brew award- winning coffee, flower tea and some time even offers them pastries if I happen to have it. I want everyone who steps into our showroom feeling comfortable, even if they didn’t buy anything with us at the end of the day.” Ms Sim added “To go the extra miles, we will help the customers to do furniture layout planning, which does not fall into our service, at no extra charge.” Victorian Flair is able to proffer superlative goods at competitive prices, making itself a more attractive selection among its competitors.

Ms Sim was modest when elucidating upon Victorian Flair’s past achievements, stating “upon hearing positive comment or even a simple “thank you for the beautiful furniture” is one of our greatest achievements. Also acquiring more new customers through word of mouth gives us a great sense of achievement which becomes our motivation to do even better.” “For me, entrepreneurship is about starting a business, set a goal, build it and stay with it against all odds.” Ms Sim said meaningfully.

Ms Sim also divulges her motivation and inspiration behind what she does “Setting my eyes on my passion and dreams is what keeps me going. Yes problems will happened, but it’s there to help grow stronger as a person and not to put you down. Stay positive, and clear headed.” One can see Ms Sim’s attitude and hard work she dedicates for Victorian Flair to achieve success. Ms Sim also gave a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs “The key to success is developing passion for your career. This means thriving in your work, not just surviving. When you have that extra spark that generates enthusiasm, you customers will see it and feel comfortable with you. Beside that, other qualities such as patience, integrity, resourceful, calm, good stress tolerance and never fear to fail are important; do not expect to succeed overnight.”

Victorian Flair does not wish to stop just where they are now. Ms Sim together with her team yearns to bring the company to newer heights. “We are planning to get a bigger showroom by this year.” Ms Sim disclosed the company’s expansion plans.

Contact Details:
Blk 998 Toa Payoh North #06-10/11 Mapletree Bldg
T| 9047 7661
F| 6297 4391

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