Gill Associates Pte Ltd


Name of Recipient:
Mr. Richard Gill

The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing. Gill Associates Private Limited is the result of a plunge; taken for fervor love, devoted by its founder, Mr Richard Gill, for his family. “I wanted to devote something, which would turn out beneficial for my family; a sense of security.”

Gill Associates is named eponymous to Mr Gill’s family name. Initiated in 2007, it was a one man show; at fore of Mr Gill. Maestros in the aspects in supplying building components, awning blinds, and motorized curtains, for any sort of occasion. Today, it has grew prolific in contradistinction when it first started. It has partook many governmental projects, alongside major commercialized assignments.

“I was working in the civil sector for nearly two decades, when i suddenly thought of the future for myself, and my children.” explained Mr Gill, upon how he was encapsulated working for others. “My in-laws were in the similar sector; manufacturing of motorized awnings. I had been working with them for a while before starting Gill Associates. I thought to myself: ‘Why not start my own business to complement theirs?’ So i did.”

For the sake of his family, against all odds, Mr Gill commerced his business at the worst possible moment; the financial crisis was taking place. Despite the strong objections and condemnations of his family and clients, Mr Gill soldiered on, believing that he had made the right choice.

Owing a large network, due to Mr Gill past transactions, he was able to overcome the hindrance with ease. Adding on to the hilt is his never rending service. By going the extra mile, Mr Gill’s work received much-favored recognition. “The recognition gives a very satisfying sensation in me. It spurs me on to do my best.” Mr Gill added.

“By having OEM parts tailored made to our customers’ request; to ensure utmost satisfaction, and not just focusing on the retail aspect of the business, but on the overall experience we want our clients to have; giving consultation, advices on their requirements, we are able to pull forth from our competitors.” Mr Gill exclaimed with glint.

Asked upon his definition of entrepreneurship, Mr Gill replied: “It is all about the room given for you to works towards the goal; your own set of principles and capabilities; the sky is the limit.”

“A good entrepreneur should be hardworking, honest, sincere, and to be able to think out of the box.” Mr Gill replied, when asked upon what would be the ideal qualities for a person to succeed.

“Stay focus, and work on your goals continuously. Ignore all spurious, superfluous comments. They are just out there to derail you from your goals.” Mr Gill advocated young entrepreneurs planning to engage in the roaring trade.

Despite being at its pinnacle, and having a fiscal multiple folds as compared as when initiated, Mr Gill and Gill Associates continues to ameliorate perpetually. “Yes, we are planning for an expansion in both the local and overseas market, if things goes well. We are also increasing our manpower.” Mr Gill said.

“I am very honored and also thankful for all our clients for not only supporting us, but also nominating us for the Singapore Outstanding Enterprise 2011. To all our clients, thank you so much and looking forward to servicing you again.” Mr Gill thanked, with gratitude.

Contact Details:
2 Bukit Batok Street 24 #09-13
Skytech Building S(659480)
T| 6763 2251
F| 6560 2340

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