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Name of Recipient:
Mr. David Liew

In 1998, Mr David Liew was given a milk bottle by his father to locate a supplier in Thailand. What he found instead was a calling to a business founded with love and passion and brought him to countries like USA, Europe, Australia, China & Asia. In his words, “Every customer is blessed with a child sometimes more than one. I could feel their happiness as they walked into my doors and the love that is growing in them. A GIFT OF LOVE, that becomes the mission of my company.”

On this philosophy, he built a company where each product chosen is intended with love and care for the precious little ones. PALMAX was founded and started as a distributor for various baby products. Brands included AEROSLEEP, B-BOY, BABYLOVE, DR BROWN, DREAMBABY, GOODBABY, PUR, PICNIC,LITAF, SMART KIDS, to name a few.

Given the passion to improve the products, he spent a lot of time with the various manufacturers and started developing new products. Working together with factories and researching the needs and wants of parents and babies to create products specially catered to them. The time was ripped to start a brand that have a Singaporean-feel and for his fellow countrymen.

SHEARS PTELTD was born and the beginning of the SHEARS brand. The label started only with Gift Sets, each designed and produced as a gift of love. It was well received and SHEARS grew with different product lines – a range that included; Bouncers, Bedding Sets, Bibs, Blankets, Diaper Pants, Bath Towels, Car Seats, Cribs, Mattresses, Playpens, Rockers, Sterilizers, Sleeper Bags, Washcloths, Warmers and more.

This journey has its ups and downs, starting it were not easy as there were many obstacles and barriers. As a new comer in this business, it needed the time to prove its product and quality. To earn the trust of the buyers and consumers is a continuous effort. “Luckily, I have the support of two most important person in my life and the grace of GOD; my wife and my mother. They have never doubted my ability and stood by me, supporting me with their love and heart. It kept me going and fueling my passion.” Mr. David Liew added that he have the support of a strong team of staff who have journeyed with him through thick and thin. He treats his staff as part of his family and partners in life. Mr. Randy Png has been with him since the beginning and has become an integral part of his company cum family. “He has become my closest friend who I trust and work as close as any partner can ever be.”

SHEARS will continue to grow and expand its horizon in the years ahead. “Its our aspiration to bring this Singaporean brand to every corner of the world with cooperation with distributors who share the same passion. To showcase what this little red dot can offer and give our love to every new born who comes to this beautiful world of ours.”

In accepting this award, Mr. David Liew have dedicated this award to all the mothers who have given so much to their children. “Taking this opportunity, I would like to give my deepest gratitude to my mother and the mother of my children. Warmest appreciation to all the mothers and customers for their patience and great feedback that help us to grow. The continuous support and loyalty that allowed us to develop more products that translate their love for their precious little ones. Thank you.”

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49 Jalan Pemimpin #06-11 APS Industrial Building
T| 6354 4998
F| 6354 3448

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