Metrix Precision Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. V. Siva

Metrix Precision offers a one-stop solution to one’s calibration, testing and repair needs. The organisation covers Aerospace, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and marine industries within the region. Metrix Precision’s operations span across Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and india. “We are committed to perform proactively in order to continually exceed customer expectations,” stressed Mr V. Siva, the director of the company which started back in 2006.

Back in 2006, Mr Siva felt he had the talent and energy to venture into this industry all by himself. He handled all sales, engineering and managerial tasks all by himself, showing his exceptional ability to multitask. Interestingly, one of the reasons why Mr Siva decided to strike it out on his own was that his old company couldn’t give him the job fulfilment he was seeking for and hence that made him decide to start and grow his own business. Having been in the same industry for the past 10 years, Mr Siva wanted to continue to do something that he knew and was familiar with and hence the reason for this particular industry.

However, being a new company, the reputation was not well known and hence the company met into many problems such as clinching projects and sales and more importantly, recruitment of workers and retainment of existing staffs.

Nevertheless, through hard work and strategic thinking, Mr Siva was able to solve the deluge of problems gradually. “Having a clear strategy certainly give us a clearer vision and career path for my workers so that they will stay on and feel a sense of ownership and belonging to the company. Motivation is very important in keeping the workers these days,” Mr Siva espoused. “There needs to be constant communication and motivation for my staffs to continue to put in their best efforts at work.”

According to Mr Siva, “being able to turn the company around within 3 years has got to be the biggest achievement in his life.” Within the 3 to 4 years that the company was established, they have attained the prestigious ISO/IEC 17025:2005 with a wide scope of accreditations. With a complete range of up to date instrumentation and techniques, Metrix Precision is able to perform a full range of calibration, testing and repair services. This certainly gave the company an edge over its competitors.

To differentiate themselves, Mr Siva felt that “We will strive to thoroughly understand the specific needs of every customer. Such understanding will allow our organisation to recognise opportunities and partner with our customers to develop unique service strategies. Tell us your needs, challenges and experiences. We’ll turn your current challenges into opportunities.”

Sharing his views about entrepreneurship, Mr Siva advised people to “start off working young, work for other to learn. Learn rank and file. Work from the lowest level because to get to the very top, you need to understand how it is like when you’re mired at the bottom.”

Furthermore, he advocate people who wish to be like him to “first analyze if you suit being a boss of your own” because a good leader needs to be able to make important decisions accurately and be able to decipher right from wrong and have a never-say-die attitude that will pull him through the tough times.

In the near future, Mr Siva intends to expand the existing landscape and expand into different areas for development of his company. He plans to have a calibration testing area and ultimately move to a bigger premise. With such a visionary leader being the lodestar for the company, the future certainly looks bright.

Contact Details:
23 Tagore 23 Warehouse #02-02
T| 6459 7834
F| 6459 7835

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