Everlink Interior Furnishing Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Timmy Ong

To Mr Timmy Ong of Everlink Interior Furnishing Pte Ltd, entrepreneurship means that one would have to make sacrifices and share profits in order for the company to grow. This is especially true in this company as the staff of Everlink Interior Furnishing have a belief of sticking through thick and thin to ensure the advancement of their company. Both employer and employees are dedicated to have a good rapport with their clients as they know that they have to treat their clients with the respect and professionalism that they hope to receive in return.

Mr Timmy started out as a carpenter and plumber at the age 17 in 1979 and he worked as a contractor for 15 years before starting Everlink in 2010. However, due to circumstances beyond his control, he was at a crossroad in his life at 2010 as he had to choose between working as a freelance or venture into the market and set up his own business. As he was 48 at that time, he was tempted to choose freelancing as he would be able to enjoy a more laid back life. He said, “Basically, I’m a very simple man. As long as I can feed my family, I’m happy.” Thus, Mr Timmy considered freelancing and even working as a bus driver.

But with the encouragement from his family and friends, especially his wife, Png Pek Choo; his brother, Steven Ong and a close friend, Tan Tong Seng. He then decided to take the leap of faith, which eventually changed his whole life.

Everlink Interior Furnishing, a professional interior design firm, strives to create an abundant design experience in residential and commercial areas using the top fashion trends and intricately sophisticated designs. Having started Everlink Interior Furnishing with only 4 people on 1st January 2010, Mr Timmy’s company has flourished in the past two years to bring interior design to more customers with 3 other branches located at Jalan Besar, Townsville and Ang Mo Kio. A veteran in the field of interior design, Mr Timmy knows that the expectations of his clients are almost impossible to be met. Hence he believes that his sincerity is what triumphs over his competitors.

With sincerity, he is able to bring his best to his clients, giving them the satisfaction of a perfect home. Should his clients not be satisfied, Mr Timmy will ponder over the client’s complaint and work towards achieving the ideal home that meets his client’s needs accurately. Despite the fact that rooms are getting smaller, Mr Timmy assures that his designers are good at perfecting the fine details of every layout such that the space in the room may be optimized to its full potential.

Mr Timmy dreams to have a megastore with a “one-stop solution” for his clients so that he will be able to meet every expectation of his clients whether it is luxurious, elegant, romantic or even simple and down-to-earth. He also hopes to make every home a comfortable, homespun and welcoming experience for each client. When asked about his future plans for his company, Mr Timmy hopes to “expand to the west side of Singapore, if the economy allows” as he wishes to bring his interior design to more parts of Singapore, to let them experience what he has brought to many other clients: perfection and satisfaction.

“I believe that a company should be built on comradeship where employees and even the customers are part of the big Everlink family.” Mr Timmy shared his beliefs of Everlink Interior Furnishing
When asked to give advice to people who are keen on starting up their own business, Mr Timmy says that you need not have any experience, but you have to be prepared to learn, and start from zero. “The amount of effort you are willing to put in will determine how successful you are,” says Mr Timmy confidently, as he is sure that his efforts up till now are what kept his company going.

“Any last words to the young entrepreneurs-to-be?” we asked Mr Timmy.
“Ask yourself, ‘Are you ready?’ If your answer is yes, then go for what you wish to achieve!” he says with a triumphant smile. Mr Timmy then ends off by stating, “Dare to dream and act on it. There’s nothing too late.”

Contact Details:
101 Kitchener Road, Jalan Besar Plaza #01-34
T| 6298 1326
102 Towner Road, Townerville #01-260
T| 6295 1326
Blk 338 Ang Moh Kio Avenue 1 #01-1647
T| 6555 1326

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