At Beauty Wellness

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Apple Tan

It’s everyone’s dream to have beauty and youthful skin. Beauty is a prerogative of every person, and it is innate in everyone. However, beauty is a fragile gift. It comes with effort and hard work to take intricate care of the delicate gift from the heavens. Initiating in June 2005, At Beauty Wellness service both woman and man in helping them possess the beauty they long sought after.

At Beauty Wellness offers a range of face, body and spa services for all their customers to enjoy time of unwinding and relaxation, providing a chance to rehabilitate their body. You will be sure to receive proper pampering and care for your face and body. In At Beauty Wellness, their services are categories into Face Services and Body Spa Services.

Miss Apple Tan is an adroit beauty therapist in the line for 10 over years. Through her experience in this vocation her passion for beauty grew. “What excites me most about this job is being able to help people to gain the beauty which they long for.” Miss Tan reminisced. Starting a business is certainly onerous. Nevertheless, with the burning desire deep down in Miss Tan’s heart keeps her motivated. “Nothing will be impossible when you have an ardent passion.” Miss Tan mentioned.

It is important for any business to provide quality services. The logic applies to At Beauty Wellness. “This is why we placed a lot of importance of the product we are using.” Miss Tan replied assertively. In At Beauty Wellness, they are using BABOR products which are well known for its outstanding product quality, highly effective ingredients and professional treatments.
In 4th November 2010, BABOR was awarded 1st place at 2010 Beauty Forum Award. Beside the outstanding recognition of the brand, during the shooting of the new film “The Big Year” in Canada, the stars and starlets were pampered with relaxing and regenerating BABOR treatment. Owen Wilson, Steven Martin, Jack Black, Angelica Huston and their many colleagues were all delighted! BABOR has again and again proven its brand of excellence, through receiving honours and awards for the innovative cosmetic products, treatment concepts and scientifically advance quality.

Miss Tan reflected and advocated “If you are thinking to start your own entrepreneur, you must prepare to put in effort and your heart into doing it. “认真和细心”. When asked what motivates and inspires her to succeed, Miss Tan shared “ By looking back at the tough times which I have been through so far, and the effort which was already being invested into the business rekindle the fire and determination in me. That is how I keep myself moving forward from time to time.”

Looking at things at a holistic approach; focusing on services, hygiene and the end result of the products, is what distinguishes At Beauty Wellness from the rest of the trade. At Beauty Wellness is always changing and searching for the best products and method. “We are planning to open up new outlets in the next few years. We will continue to slowly expand our business and at the same time maintain our quality service provided in every outlets.” Miss Tan rejoined.

“Every service At Beauty Wellness is definitely of a certain standard. No matter rain or shine, the standard of service provided will never change.” Mr Thomas; customer of At Beauty Wellness testified.

The Future looks prosperous for At Beauty Wellness. With all the attractive propositions, At Beauty Wellness surly gives more depth to their already phenomenal success.

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10 Eunos Road 8 Singapore Post Centre #S2-12
T| 6846 1798
Blk 185 Toa Payoh Central #01-328
T| 6253 1018

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