Fabulous Group

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Rich Sng

This is the 21st century. Men and women effectuate equity. Foot binding is already a thing of eons. Men and women receive equal liberties in the society. Children of both genders are entitled to a place in the education system. Numerous implements of the past had been uniformed, in juxtaposition with the female gender. Conversely, looking good is not the prerogative of women. Men could look fabulous as of the 21st century.

Fabulous Group was founded by Mr Rich Sng in 2006, throughout the years, it had racked up a prolific number of achievements. With more than 30 celebrity customers, being featured numerous times on the local newspapers, magazines and the T.V media; The Strait Times, Channel News Asia and Channel U, and attaining numerous awards, Fabulous Group is at its culmination in such a short span of time. Remarkable, especially when it started off as an intrepid “play-toy” with only one employee. “My father runs a business, I had been helping him out for more than 7 years. Innately, this inspired me to start my very own business.” Mr Sng recounted, upon how his father became his apotheosis. “I started off playing the game. I studied the game, and now i m in the game.” Mr Sng quipped.

Made up of an adept manpower of 20, and still growing; apportioned throughout 4 outlets, including one located near the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, yielding a spectrum of services such as indoor tanning, teeth whitening, Brazilian waxing, detoxification therapy; the lot. All with the ultimate goal of making you feel Fabulous, eponymous to name of the company.

“The ultimate goal of the company is to have an equilibrium; a sinew with the operations, along with the branding, human resources, culture and customer responses.” Mr Sng exclaimed, when asked on the main challenge faced when he upstarted the company. Propitiously, Mr Sng had mentors around, coaching him the modus operanti of running a business.

An important facet for the company is to be cost-effective. “Investing what’s best for the company.” Mr Sng puts it. “This way, we would be at the fore.” The company repudiates to taking short cuts, to save penny gains. “Hard selling wouldn’t work, so we don’t even bother trying.” Mr Sng emphatically said. “Being compulsive wouldn’t work either.”

Albeit being at its pinnacle, Mr Sng repressed that the company’s achievement is not ample; supererogatory. “We aspire to break through the peninsula, expand deeper into the South-East Asia region; Vietnam, Thailand.” Mr Sng added.

“Entrepreneurship is all about dreaming. Of course, dreaming about it won’t make it realize. Executing to make it realize. Mistakes are a good point of learning. A journey of learning constantly through experience.” Mr Sng replied, when asked upon his definition of entrepreneurship.

“Believe in yourself. Ignore all spurious, sporadic comments, at times. Follow yourself, not the crowd. Teamwork is imperative.” Mr Sng commented on how he got this far. “Good leadership quality, along with an envisage into the future. Dreaming big, being methodical, and to be delegating.” Mr Sng advocated, upon young entrepreneurs.”

“We have many awards under our belt such as Singapore Book of Records Largest Tanning Salon Chain, Successful Entrepreneur, Singapore Brands, and now, Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise. Thank you very much for choosing us.” Mr Sng expressed his gratitude for his attainment. With such an acute leader at fore, Fabulous Group shall flourish under Mr Sng’s leadership.

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9 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-04
TQL Suites S(188098)
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Fabulous Group
8 Grange Road #05-03
Cineleisure Orchard S(239695)
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E| richard@fabulousgroup.com

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