Universe Enviro & Engineering Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Terence Low

Giving his advice to people who want to have their own business, Mr Terence Low said, “You need to have good morals. Only with that will people trust you and do business with you. Reliability and trustworthiness are important traits that will bring a lot of success to a person, be it in business or work. Besides that, have an eye for the right opportunity. Golden opportunities don’t come knocking twice. Once you miss the boat, it may never come again. Do proper research and make sure you have enough resources in making it happen. Having said that, once all is ready and you have the guts, just do it!”

To Mr Low, entrepreneurship is about the ability to achieve your goals and fight for what you want in life. “You have the chance to shape the lives of others and in the process do something meaningful and enriching. I have never been a fan of working for others all my life.”

Established in 2003, Universe Enviro & Engineering Pte Ltd started off with only a 2-men team in providing stainless toilets and products for religious functions and events. Through these years, the company has expended its fleet of products and manpower to cater to even more events, including product launches, sport events, corporate functions and many more.

In order to keep up with growing demand of sanitary needs, Mr Low’s company has enhanced his service into “providing a one-stop service to ease your sanitary woes for all events.” Elaborating on his company’s operations, Mr Low added, “We have more than sufficient transportation trucks to deliver our products, service crews to ensure our toilets are clean and fresh at all times, service vehicles to provide on-site repair in any case of emergency and to maintain the hygiene of our portable toilets, and not forgetting our 24 hours service hotline answering to your needs and enquires.”

Yet, when he first started his business, problems were escalating by the minute ranging from manpower, to product knowledge, to finance. “Every single day, problems just keep mounting and there comes a point whereby you wonder if everything was worth the pain.”

Thankfully, with family support, his financial worries were shared and mitigated. Furthermore, to gain the necessary knowledge about products such as chemical toilets, he had to gain the necessary knowledge from experienced people within the industry. “Life is all about trial and error. I learn along the way and am still learning. But, with the right mentality, nothing will bring me down.” Nevertheless, the manpower crunch is still unresolved and Mr Low hopes to eventually find the right calibre of talents for his company.

Sharing about his business experience thus far, Mr Low recalled, “We started by focusing on the funeral part by providing stainless steel toilets and taking up some small scale events to keep the company running.”

Interestingly, as some companies expand their businesses, Mr Low’s company grew with them as well as more events and bigger events were given to him by the clients who have stayed with him through the highs and lows of the company. “24/7, anytime and anywhere, so long my service is needed, I will be there,” Mr Low exclaimed.

As testament to the company’s achievements, it has been awared with BizSAFE 3 by the Workplace Safety and Health Council in 2011. “We strongly believed in providing a safe environment for our staffs as well as our customers. By choosing Universe Enviro & Engineering, you can be sure that all your sanitary woes are taken care of and probably exceeding your expectations,” Mr Low enthusiastically mentioned.

In the near future, Mr Low ultimately aims to expand his business and be the household name that people associate safety and excellent quality with. “I hope to do my part for the environment as well,” Mr Low shared fervently.

Contact Details:
3018 Bedok North St 5 #03-09 Eastlink
T| 6074 7997
F| 6447 9709
E| enquiry@universe.sg

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