Beautiful Love Wedding Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Nigel Lee

Beautiful Love Wedding Pte Ltd is a one stop wedding portal which include sales and rental of gowns, photography, videographer services, wedding car deco, graphic design etc. The company provides made to measure gown and also enhance of design of the wedding gown to suit customers’ preferences. To bundle off the whole package, in-house makeup artist, graphic designer and photographer are all available should the client require.

Started in 2005 by the director, Mr Nigel Lee the idea for this business was ignited due to the passion that they share in common – fashion. “It’s an important event for every woman. We feel happy and meaningful to be paid to help women to find their dream gowns and also to have their dream wedding.” shared Mr Lee. Interestingly, the company’s name was derived from the song in his wedding march, Beautiful Love.

Having grown up in a family that faces financial constraints, Mr Lee has always wanted to build a business of his own. “I am those who did not do so well in school and ended up working for others for a low wage. Sensing that I have little to lose, I took the courage and started my business. It does not matter to me even if I have to beg for business or to take bus to work. After all, that was what I had been doing while working for others.”

Keeping in-line with Singapore’s campaign to promote marriage, the duo’s idea to start the business was at an opportune time. However, it was very tough when they first started. “I did not have any experiences in the line, it was the hunger that came with starting a new business which people didn’t even know about that I started to realise branding is indeed very important in the retail world.”

Knowing the gap that he had to make up for, Mr Lee made it through from advertisements such as viral campaigns, online advertisements, printing flyers and commercials. Besides imaginary differentiation, Mr Lee also decided to improve on the quality and designs of his gowns, products and services which will reinforce his brand. “Hard work does play a part as well as creativity and building good customers relationships.

Already, Mr Lee has big plans for his company in the future. “My aim is to be recognized as one of the TOP Singapore One-Stop Bridal Service Provider in South East Asia.”

Hence, what does entrepreneurship mean to Mr Lee? “Entrepreneurship means making LUCK and therefore not sitting down and hope luck will fall on you. You must have the willingness to take risks and to create and venture into business. Do not set goals which are easy to achieve but do not also aim for the impossible.”

Lastly, Mr Lee has some words of encouragement for people who wants to have the same financial freedom that he enjoys today. “My opinion is that in order to be successful in business, you must be prepared for many disappointments. It is a tough journey. There will be times when you will look back and regret having taken those actions. Only a true successful entrepreneur will pick himself up and look at himself in the mirror and tell himself that he can do it because he believes in himself. Every stumbling block is looked upon as a test of his confidence and every disappointment is looked upon as an opportunity to do better.”

Contact Details:
45 Tas Street
T| 6223 0638
F| 6223 9618

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