Hauslab Design & Build Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ben Tan

The excellent growth of Hauslab Design & Build since its founding is remarkable. It is well-known as a one-stop full turnkey Design & Build establishment who specializes in prestigious residential, commercial, retail and hospitality spaces. Hauslab Design & Build is able to provide the following professional in-house services namely, full architectural and structural design, 3D Studio, construction & building, interior design, landscape architecture, carpentry and fit-out. Hauslab is synonymous with cutting edge design concepts, meticulous workmanship, cost effective pricing and highly skilled project management to ensure timely delivery.

The man at the helm of this company is Mr. Ben Tan. With an inborn creative streak and having an appreciation for the finer things in life, Mr. Ben Tan is able to quickly visualize design concepts in his head. The company’s systematic approach to quality management and its relentless pursuit for utmost customer satisfaction has earned Hauslab the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Mr. Ben Tan emphasized that, “For any business to blossom, talent hunting the right individuals to form an effective team is crucial for Hauslab to progress exponentially. We believe that every lesson learnt has costly implications. As such, careful planning, proper costing, meticulous execution and full accountability have become the core of our business.”

For many clients, building their dream homes can potentially be marred by the process of going through different consultants, builders and interior designers. Understanding the importance of saving time, money and hassle for clients, Mr. Ben Tan differentiates Hauslab from the traditional construction business by positioning themselves as a one-stop full turnkey solutions provider. All requirements, be it architectural, building, carpentry, interior design and landscape architecture are communicated through a single contact point thus ensuring that efficiency is constantly maintained and ambiguity is prevented. This is the best guarantee that our clients would have, a piece of mind when working with Hauslab.

Furthermore, Mr. Ben Tan emphasized on the vision of the company that made him so successful, “Our vision is to provide a holistic approach in creating dream environments that speaks both aesthetics and function. Our designs help you to live and work better. Your dream home won’t simply be a pretty façade, your every need will be fulfilled by the design, a harmonious balance between form and function so that you feel totally comfortable and at home. It can be a place where family and friends want to gather, where entertaining is second nature or where relaxation takes pride of place.” On top of that, Mr. Ben Tan expounded, “Once our architectural team has finalized the exterior design, our interior design team would ensure that the space planning and interior design concept of your dream home would flow seamlessly throughout all spaces. As a licensed builder who constructs houses within the time and budgetary requirements, constructing our creations and making it a reality comes as second nature to Hauslab.”

“We must be accountable to ourselves, our clients, our staff and our business associates.” Mr. Ben Tan remarked. “If you have set your mind into achieving a goal, you must have the determination and conviction to push your ideas through. At the same time, you must have a heart for others and be grateful to those whom have been instrumental in your success!”

With strategic alliances, Hauslab Design & Build is venturing into the arena of being a prestigious developer builder, and not just purely a builder.

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120 Lower Delta Road #01-15 Cendex Centre
T| 6270 0138
F| 6270 0438

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