Ez Living Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Angeline Tan

What constitutes to 100% in life? The question has been abiding in the minds of masses since the early days. From a strictly mathematical viewpoint, what equates to 100%, the surfeited maximum of our lives? What does it mean to give more than 100%? Ever ponder about those people who say they giving more than 100%? We all have been in situations where someone wants you to give over 100%. How about achieving 101%?

If the alphabets A-Z, are represented by the numbers 1-26 accordingly, the attribute HARDWORK would add up to 98%; KNOWLEDGE, 96%; ATTITUDE would score 100%. So what about 101%? What constitutes to fulfilling 101% of our lives? Well, take a look at the LOVE OF GOD. By adding up the numbers represented by the alphabets. LOVE OF GOD would score 101%. That’s how far it would bring you.

With this riveting fact, it brings us to Angeline Tan. The founder of EZ Living Private Limited, a company name chosen “because life is easy with God.” EZ Living is a company, which has an expansive range of clothesline systems innovating safety and versatility as well as practicality in mind. Incidents of killer- litter involving bamboo poles are fearfully rife. Predominantly, as most masses live in high-rise estates, nigh on 3 million.

EZ Living Private Limited yields a spectrum of products for the general public. Gone are the days of heaving heavy bamboo poles full of wet clothing through open windows, and thrusting it in the holders; which is exceptionally arduous and perilous. This is 21st century. EZ Living brings forth a multifarious of clothesline systems, which are durable, rustproof, easily manageable, and space saving. Ironing boards, which preclude the act of erecting, and dismounting, along with the perks of saving space.

Miss Tan founded EZ Living in 2005. She got to know a distributor in this clotheslines industry and she decided to build this business, hence commencing her entrepreneurship. As always, entrepreneurship requires hard work – as it isn’t easy for this particular métier. “Sexism is displayed prominently in this industry. People wasn’t assured about me, being a female, when i started doing measurements and installations on my own.” Miss Tan explained. “ Now, people are receptive,” said Miss Tan, a woman with exceptionally tough mentality.

“I stayed committed to my job, as I love helping out people in this area,” she added. Being a devoted Christian, she would seek God for aid by reading the Bible. “It makes me feel motivated for what comes ahead. God works in miraculous ways. He has pulled me through,” said Miss Tan, who had devoted 101% of her life, thanks to the Love of God.

EZ Living today has ten employees, pledging utmost before- and- after- sales services. It is expanding as it hires more staff to cope with intensifying demands. The research and development aspect is not neglected as well. A new product is going to be revealed in the 2nd quarter of 2011, solely from the company. It is breaking into the overseas market as well, commendable for a small-to-medium enterprise.
“We had been able to enter HDB projects, attaining recognition from Governmental boards,” replied Miss Tan, who is very proud of this very achievement. ‘‘Entrepreneurship is all about determination. To do what you desire. It gives you a level of freedom; be innovative,” Miss Tan said, when asked on what the definition of Entrepreneurship is to her. “Positive testimonials from customers always spur me on to push it to the next level. So is my team of employees being motivated in this way.

Determination, patience, commitment and passion is integral in the industry,” Miss Tan advocated young entrepreneurs. “Don’t follow the crowd, stand out from them. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams, and do know God and let nature take its course.”

“I want to thank everyone who has supported our clothesline systems for their homes; who have been using it for the last decade. This company has been built on the foundation of my Lord Jesus. I want to thank Him for my success, and the blessings He has given me. And also to thank all customers who like our products, service, also those who have helped me along the way. Most of all, I would like to thank my staff, who have been dedicated to enjoying servicing their customers and this business.” Miss Tan expresses her gratitude that has fulfilled 101% of her life, all down to the Love of God.

Contact Details:
47 Jalan Pemimpin #05-03
Sin Chong Building S(577200)
T| 6259 9928
E| angie@ezziliving.com


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