Cams Design Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Bert Lim

Trust is a simple word, but it is the fundamental of all businesses. Which is why, Cams Design Pte Ltd builds its foundation on Trust. Cams Design Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1990, it started off as a small interior designing firm. Throughout the years, the business had metamorphosed prolifically and today, the company is one of the trusted interior designing firms that provide Designs from accomplished designers all over the world. With support from the Associates of Architects and Professional Engineers, Cams Design is well placed to undertake and deliver prestigious and complex projects. “We believe that talk is nothing, we rather use actions to prove it out.” Mr Bert commented on how Cams Design manages to distinguish itself from the competition. “We believe that by bringing greater value and our best design to benefit our customers, we are able to leave the pack behind.” The results speak for themselves as well.

“I decided to venture into this trade as I wanted to carry on this legacy for generations ahead, and since art has always been my passion, It would be a pity if I had not taken over the family business.” Mr Bert recalled his decision made. This entrepreneur’s journey hasn’t been kind to Mr Bert. When he initially took over the business, the business was at its peak, being adventurous; Mr Bert decided to diversify the business into many other different industries. Little did he know, his decision actually affected the finances of Cams Design, and it was not long that Mr Bert knew he needed to act quickly before the business collapse. It took Mr Bert great courage to cease all other businesses he had set-up, and despite the damage done Mr Bert managed to steer back Cams Design into health with courage and perseverance despite of the difficulties been thrown at me at that time.

Encountering impediments in business is part and parcel of life. The business was met with a talent shortage problem. “We have the skills, we have the equipment, but we do not have the people. It’s hard to find people who are trained in this aspect of the industry.” Mr Bert paused and continued. “Besides that, we need to constantly keep up with times on the materials and technology used. With the increasing rise on business expenses and worker leverage it post additional threats to us.” Mr Bert explicated.

Quitting is never a word found in the vocabulary of a superlative entrepreneur such as Mr Bert, who was deeply inspired by his father whose emphasis to him “never to quit in face of challenges”. “We only hire dedicated and passionate designers who will go the extra miles in doing a deeper research for new and innovative design. We now have a team of designer who share common vision in providing personalized design service to all clients. We embark on all projects with creativity, personal enthusiasm and commitment. Thus, our team have conceptualized and developed many inspiring projects over the years. We strive to deliver the best results, always.” Mr Bert expounded.

“To succeed in an entrepreneurship, I believe you must have the wisdom, the ability to make good judgments. An entrepreneur also must possess an emotional fortitude, the strength to stay strong even when things are against you. If you fall, learn to stand up by yourself. The greatest enemy is yourself. Finally, the perseverance and patience to make things happen.” a judicious Mr Bert replied, when asked on his thoughts of a successful entrepreneur. Mr Bert then shed some light on Cams Design’s plans for expansion “firstly, we need to establish a strong infrastructure to support and to gain a foothold in this industry. Secondly, to foray into other opening market globally and lastly, to be a self-sustain company.” These implementations would without doubt give leverage to Cams Design as a whole.

Throughout its 22 years of operations, Cams Design has been enriching the lives of many people through its design. At the same time, it also gives a new meaning to life for the successful entrepreneur leading the company. Mr Bert had shown that all things are possible as long as you put your heart and soul into it.

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