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Had a good experience with a service provider? Felt touched by some of the service staff going the extra mile for you?

Share with us your stories today by nominating these outstanding companies!

Selected Criteria and Guidelines

• The company will be required to reveal other awards/accreditations (international, national or industry) they have received.
• The company must be registered in Singapore and preferably in operation for the past 3 years.
• The company/representing product should not have received any major complaints lodged by its consumers or general public.
• The company/representing product must have received good merchant nominations by the public or consumers.
• The company should be in good standing with their business licenser and is not under any court, tax or police filing.
• Personal Integrity and Ethics: Adheres to ethical business conduct and exercises fair business practices within the company.
• Entrepreneurial Spirit and Leadership: Demonstrates capability to realize and sustain vision and business as well as possessing the perseverance to overcome adversity.
• The company is not listed on any stock exchange at the time of application.
• Financial Performance of Company: Good track record of business growth and long-term sustainability.
• Business Impact: Pioneers new technology or business approach and/or has implemented innovative solutions within the company to improve productivity, deliver service excellence, expand market share, etc.
• Community Impact: Makes a positive impact on job creation and in the community they serve and operate in.
• Company must contribute in corporate social responsibility (CSR) work.

* Upon nomination, a project officer will arrange for a meeting to share further details with the nominees.

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