EAZI Printing Pte Ltd

Website: www.eazi.sg

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Ivan Tan

Established in 1985, EAZI Printing Pte Ltd was the creation of Mr Ivan Tan & Jeffrey Goh, co-directors of the company. Since its humble beginnings in a shop front with just photocopying services, EAZI Printing Pte Ltd has evolved into one of the largest digital productions catering the commercial sector in Singapore and the company has since upgraded to a factory office to fulfill its ever-increasing needs. This great achievement is made possible by the company’s continual desire to improve and its drive to change.

Armed with far-sightedness and flexibility, Mr Ivan was one of the few pioneers in bringing digital printing into Singapore. Right from the beginning, Mr Ivan recognized the importance of understanding customer’s needs and was proactive in approaching potential customers and providing on-demand services. “In today’s world, everything is about speed, we need fast turnaround and deliver customer expectations and requirements to retain and bring in clients.”

Mr Ivan felt that the biggest achievement in his entrepreneur journey was to see his hard work bear fruition. “We started from a photocopying shop to a 8,000 sq feet factory and growing. We are now one of the top digital printing service providers in Singapore.”

Mr Ivan attributed his source of motivation to his partners and the pool of well-dedicated colleagues as the biggest pillars of success. “This success should go to my partner and pool colleagues and of course our clients who chose Eazi printing as their business partner.”

Lastly, Mr Ivan gave his insights on the ingredients to success of the company. “To be a successful businessman, you need to have the right character. It comes before knowledge because with the right character it will move you to the right path. With the right integrity, you will create a good entrepreneur. Embracing technology is what will define productivity today. For Eazi printing, we focus on-demand printing and keep improving customer services. Mechanisation may have taken away some of the printing jobs, but we will embrace technology to improve productivity. We must ride on the technology bandwagon instead of dismissing it altogether, or risk getting eliminated by the insurgence of technology in this globalised world that we live in today.”

Contact Details:
105 Sims Ave, Chancerlodge Complex
T| 6743 5296
F| 6745 2206
E| admin@eazi.com.sg

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