Servotronic Motor Workshop Pte Ltd

Names of Recipients:
Mr. Dennis Cheng
Mr. Philip Wan

Servotronic is set up by Dennis Cheng and Philip Wan back in year 2000 after they left Audi, VW Agent. Gathering a team of experience Ex-Audi, VW Agent, Servotronic is equipped with trained personnel to give customers the best quality, service, and advices at reasonable rate. Couples with the state-of-the-art diagnostic machines, the experienced engineers would be able to help keep track and give accurate indication of the health of the car.

Servotronic is a one stop solution that provides services like Engine repair & maintenance services; including changing of auto transmission oil, spark plug, air filter, fuel filter, air con pollen filter, check the front and rear brake pad thickness & inspection for leaks or damage, check and repair air con system for malfunction. Brakes & Suspension servicing; upgrading of S5 big brake kit and replacement for original and performance suspension set. Body Kit; installation & spray paint, and conversion of headlight and bumper to S-line. ECU Upgrade and Turbo Kit; remapping of ECU, and ko4 turbo kit for GTI. Last but not the least, Upgrading of exhaust system.

“Though there are many other companies out there doing servicing for cars, but there is a lack of qualify personnel that focuses in doing brand like VOLKWAGEN, AUDI, and SKODA. Together with our vast knowledge and experiences, we comes together and started Servotronic Motor Workshop Pte Ltd to meet the needs and demand of these people in the market.” Mr Wan accented. With the right idea and target group of audience, the initiating of Servotronic Motor Workshop Pte Ltd was a breeze to Mr Wan and Mr Cheng. “To many, they might abhor the period of economic crisis. But to us, that is the period when our business goes booming! As we are the cheaper alternative compare to the agent of the brands.” Mr Cheng said with exuberant. With the right business model and business strategy, it is no wonder why Servotronic Motor Workshop stood strong against all odds.

With a proficient director in command, Servotronic has a good relationship with all their business partners and supplier. “With our experience, latest diagnosis equipment and our promise of using the original parts, we are confident to provide the best to our clients.” Mr Wan commented. At Servotronic Motor Workshop, it does not only proffer professional services; it offers a friendship as well. “Customers are our best advertisement, we believe in giving our best and forming good relationship with them. When the customers are satisfied with us, they will automatically recommend others to us.” Mr Cheng remarked.

Through this enthusiasm, Servotronic Motor Workshop is on the fast lane to success. What make Mr Wan and Mr Cheng proud is not of its materialistic entity. “It’s a great satisfaction in this line where we are able to provide solutions to peoples’ problems. In return, we are also able to form a friendship with people of different industry.” Mr Wan propound.

Mr Wan then went on defining what entrepreneurship means to him. “Entrepreneurship is all about using your ability to help solve other people problems.” Mr Cheng also provided his perspective of entrepreneurship, “Starting out a business, hiccup bound to happen. Don’t just stop there, look for other solutions. When one door closes, another door opens.”

The word Servotronic is a power steering that helps drivers steer vehicles with modest effort regardless of conditions. Therefore the name Servotronic Motor Workshop is conceived as an inspiration to help cars owners of VOLKWAGEN, AUDI, and SKODA to service their vehicle regardless of conditions. And also to help manage and steer the company’s direction.

“Believing in yourself set your eyes only at your goal and sees it coming to past.” Mr Cheng regarded. “Don’t follow your dreams, chase after them.” An intrepid Mr Wan added.

Contact Details:
176 Sin Ming Drive #02-14
T| 6553 4200
F| 6553 0084

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