Shine’s Key & Shoe Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Simon Chua

If you are self-driven and open minded, you could start on the top. In order to achieve that, an entrepreneur has to put faith in himself, the belief that he could attain something big in life. Such a leading example is none other than Mr Simon Chua, leader of Shine’s Key & Shoe Pte Ltd.

Shine’s Key & Shoe Pte Ltd a leading company for keys and Shoe Repairs & Rebuilding, providing range of services include immobilizer car keys, copy auto gate remote & door access cards, flip keys, charging car shells and shoe repair & stitching services (Bag/Lock smith services) for all. With a team of dedicated service staff, bringing the best services for customer, you are sure of satisfaction at the end of the day.

The inception of Shine’s Key & Shoe Pte Ltd lies behind a momentous story. Since young, Mr Chua has always spared a thought for his future. Wanting to make sure that he is able to provide for his family and children, a diligent Mr. Chua toil at the initial part of his life. “Back in my army days, I was being though more on the technical side. It might be a sheer coincident, but I manage to pick up all the various skill quickly. It was after much consideration, I felt that I am suited in this industry. With my confident and interest in this field, I believe that I am able to do more in this industry.” Mr. Chua reminisce the initial of Shine’s Key & Shoe Pte Ltd.

What distinguished Shine’s Key & Shoe Pte Ltd from others is their comprehensive services they provide. As Mr Chua put into words “We maintain a friendly communication with our clients, we treat everyone of them just like our friend. By keeping our charges at a reasonable price and locating ourselves at easy access location, customers will keep coming back to us. We would then let our customer compare and scrutinize the results to give a better perspective on what we believe would be the ultimate solution for them.” Mr Chua also added “We appreciate customer satisfaction above the money factor.”

“Entrepreneurship to me is having the ability to think on your toes. There will be many unexpected problem arising, however with gut and wits you will be able to change the situation around.” Mr Chua continued “fight for your future, we only live once in our life make sure we live a fulfilling and contented life.”

“Success occurs when you attain the goals that you set in life. In order to obtain success, I believe that you must be self-discipline, trust worthy, honest to others and yourself, and not forgetting hard work.” Mr Chua answered when quizzed on what qualities a successful entrepreneur must possess. “Shine’s Key & Shoe Pte Ltd won’t exist without our loyal staff, working together as a team and solving all our clients’ problems is our top most propriety.” Mr Chua expressed his gratitude.

With such a high caliber in their services, Shine’s Key & Shoe Pte Ltd is an esteemed name in the industry. “The next 5 years, if the market allow I would like to continue expanding the business to all parts of the world, and to bring our services to all. A bigger manpower is therefore needed; I would personally be training up the staff and make sure that the services won’t be compromise as we expand the business.”

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr Richard Tan & Mrs Joan Tan, Mr Webster Tan, Mr Queck, Mrs Alice Wong, Mr Ken, Mr Alex pang , Mr Robin, Mr Jason, Mr joseph, Soxxi Master Pte Ltd ,Duro lock, Mr Zi Wei , Mr Zhong Zheng, Mr Jack Chua, Mr Zhong hwa, Mr Baolong, Mrs Carlo Ong.

Novena Square 2 Management – Far East Organization, North Point Management – Frasers Centre point Malls, Vivo City Management – Maple Tree, Bukit Panjung Plaza – CapitaLand Trust.

My staff Mr Andy Goh, Mr Tan Zhi Hao, Mr Francis Ng, Mr Alex Tan, Mr Fabian Chia, Mr Johnson Choong, My Mum and Dad, Mr Clarence Chua(Brothers), Mr Steve Chua(Brothers), Mrs Winnie Chua(Sister).

Last but not the least, my specially thanks to my beloved wife Mrs Sally Tan & Children without their fully support it would be impossible to get to where i am thank you.

Contact Details:
Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-51
T| 6765 4373
Vivocity B2-22A
T| 6376 9923
Novena Square 2 #04-13
T| 6397 6583

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