My Beauty Research

Name of Recipient:
Ms. May

My Beauty Research was founded by Ms May in 2007. It mainly specialises in facial, acne related problems and hair removal services.

When she first came to Singapore 10 years ago, Ms May decided that instead of working for people, she would rather be in control of her own career. She decided to be her own boss and picked up a skill and was certified to be a beautician thereafter. “This line is my passion. I always love dolling up to look good and everyone loves to have beautiful skin. With such demand, I always find it lucrative to venture into this field,” Ms May explained.

However, it was not that easy to have your own business after all. When she first started, there were only a handful of customers and the business was struggling to make ends meet. “There were practically no clients on some days and I was really worried that my business will go bust!” To add to that, hiring experienced staffs was an issue to Ms May and without quality staffs, there would not be demand for services.

Hence, Ms May knew she had to nip the problem at its buds. With only one friend to help initially, Ms May went on a recruitment drive to hire only people with at least 5 years and above of experience in the same line. Also, to increase awareness of the company’s branding, Ms May advertised on websites, newspapers and gave out flyers etc to embark on an all out branding campaign. “Hopefully, this will eventually pay off,” Ms May recalled her initial mentality when she decided on the strategy to turn the business around.

True enough, with focus and improvement in quality in service, Ms May’s business gained a reputation for its quality service in acne treatments. “Reputation on the net was good” and through “word of mouth”, clients began to turn up increasingly. “To see the change myself was really something that brings the utmost satisfaction in doing business. Words can’t express how I felt back then.” Ms May shared with delight.

Already, Ms May has plans for expansion. “We’ve just moved to Rochor Centre from Toa Payoh. I aim to ultimately expand to different areas of the island so as to reach out to the people in different districts.”

To Ms May, entrepreneurship is about “putting your own ideas and making it into reality” and this will “enable you to have your own career”. Her constant source of motivation in this line was that “this is the only skill I have and is something that I can keep doing” and thus it drives her to keep moving forward. Similarly, to people who want to start their own business, the only way to keep themselves motivated is to do something that they like so that “every day is a new learning process”.

Lastly, giving her advice to potential entrepreneurs, Ms May advocated, “Honesty and Kindness are two important traits to have. You need to treat people with respect – internally and externally, so that people will want to do business with you as they see the sincerity in you in wanting to serve their needs. Work with the right attitude.

Customers are always right. Be humble in accepting their comments so that you can find ways to improve. In any investments or business ventures, there will be risks so be prepared to fail. If you have no experience in business, start small and gain experience along the way. Eventually, with hard work and determination, success will follow you like a tail.”

Contact Details:
Rochor Centre #02-508, 1 Rochor Road
T| 6291 0819

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