Conrad Maintenance Services Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Mr. Raymond Ng

“To be branded a quality contractor, we go the extra mile, providing not only cleaning services – but also proposing an individual needs cleaning programme for clients.” Giving this assurance is Managing Director of Conrad Maintenance Services Pte Ltd, Mr Raymond Ng.

A self-made man in this industry with more than 12 years of experience, Mr Raymond had risen purely from hard work, from cleaning toilets, offices, HDB apartments and condominiums – all by himself for a period in 2003 – to employing a hundred staffs in the two companies he had set up thus far. “I too, have washed toilets before!” he said proudly. “We cleaners do the most useful and essential job, and an honest day of work.”

Incorporated in 2003, CONRAD is now serving some of the most prestigious clubs in Singapore, hotels and buildings with a minimum workforce of over 120. These services were backed up not only with a young team of an average age of not more than 35 years.

Mr Raymond’s first job was a senior service supervisor which lasted for 4 years before he then joined a Swedish MNC company. With his vast knowledge and experience, he decided to step out from his comfort zone and start his own business. With absolutely no branding and as a new company, Mr Raymond met with a myriad of problems such as dealing with legal laws – labor law, contractual agreements, and finding the most apt chemicals and proper cleaning equipments for the company. “I basically learn as I go along as I had really no contacts whatsoever initially with suppliers,” Mr Raymond explained.

With a determined mind to want to bring up the cleaning industry in Singapore as it is an essential business, Mr Raymond really had a tall mountain to climb ahead of him. “Much of our business comes from our honesty to both clients and staff, and our reputation. So even as the new kid on the block in the cleaning industry, we will do a professional job. And not just any cleaning but a quality service provided,” Mr Raymond added.

Thankfully, with a positive and encouraging wife who constantly encourages him and stood by him even when everyone else felt he was facing an impossible task, Mr Raymond managed to tide over the crucial initial start up phase of his business.

To differentiate his company from the rest, Mr Raymond focused on the quality of his service as well as building a good relationship with his clients. “With a good relationship as the foundation, it will set the stage for bigger things to come as words will spread once clients are satisfied with your work,” Mr Raymond espoused.

When asked about his secrets to success, Mr Raymond has two words to say – hard work. “You need to put in alot of hard work to set the ball rolling. Always think out of the box when faced with problems. There is no one to answer and to solve your problems. However, do not dwell on the problems for a long period of time. Time waits for no man.”
With such an industrious leader and one who is not afraid to face problems head on, clients and employees of Conrad Maintenance Services Pte Ltd certainly has much reasons to smile about for the future prospects of the company.

Contact Details:
2 Jurong East Street 21 #02-168 IMM Building
T| 6561 8992 / 6561 8001
F| 6561 8950

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