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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Eric Ker

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father; both cry. What Mr Eric Ker’s father gave him is a key to success, a key to happiness procured out of sincerity, diligence and experience.

Excellence Canvas and Trading; a name eponymous to the quality “Excellence”, sits right on Hamilton Road, just a couple miles away from Farrer Park MRT station. What it houses is 20 years of experience in importing and exporting of canvas. Excellence Canvas and Trading is also adept in the facet of canvas manufacturing. Leading the pack of more than a score of employees is none other than Mr Ker, as he recollected: “I had been in the canvas supplying industry for more than 20 years, since 1979. My father personally was working in the similar industry.”

Since his youthful days, Mr Ker had been helping his father with the trade. Working in tandem, Mr Ker soon became proficient in the line of work. “I saw that the canvas industry was shrinking, and being skilled in this industry, I decided that its time for me to carry on this legacy; to carry on this line of service.” Mr Ker added. In 2008, Excellence Canvas and Trading commenced, supplying canvas locally, and overseas to a myriad of industries ranging from marine and construction industries to factories and roadshows.

Due to Mr Ker’s expertise, much of the business is under his control. However, there are some things that we could not get a control of, as Mr Ker explicated: “Sometimes, customers might request for products not available locally. Other than such issues, business operations for Excellence Canvas and Trading are usually trouble-free.” Mr Ker however, does not disappoint. Under such circumstances, Mr Ker would personally acquire the requested product by the means of importing them from a foreign country. Mr Ker is a man who displays absolute sincerity in the trade.

Mr Ker would also serve each customer personally. This is to ensure that they will leave Excellence Canvas and Trading with the specific materials that they need and satisfaction. This cordial practice reaffirms the sincerity exudes by Mr Ker and Excellence Canvas and Trading. “Quality control is our main priority at Excellence Canvas and Trading. We care about the quality of our products, our customer service, our attitude. We would ensure that every single customer is served sincerely and honestly. We want our customers to leave with satisfaction.” Mr Ker remarked on what makes Excellence Canvas and Trading at fore of the industry.

“It’s a perk as we are the direct importer of these materials. Therefore, we provide more competitive prices and more variety of products.” Mr Ker added on to what makes Excellence Canvas and Trading a more enticing choice towards the public audience. With multitude of clients all over the country, one could say a lot about the marvel of Excellence Canvas and Trading. “As I said, as an entrepreneur, i like to ensure every single of my customer is satisfied with both our services and products.” Mr Ker commented.

Having an accumulation of complements and testimonials is what makes Excellence Canvas and Trading filled with pride. “It practically means that we have achieved what we wanted all along. To us, that’s success.” Mr Ker regarded with elation. Throughout the years, Excellence Canvas and Trading has been the prime choice to canvas solutions due to their jovial services and the ability to satiate the customers.

“Entrepreneurship is a challenge, and that’s what makes it more interesting than working for others. It’s a new learning experience, a chance for you to prove yourself and overcome obstacles to soar for greater heights. This makes working for others rather… boring, if I may say.” Mr Ker stated to what entrepreneurship means to him. “Entrepreneurship also allowed me to pursue my own passion and interest. Which in return creates a form of self-motivation to do better.”

A perceptive Mr Ker then said: “To be successful in business, you need to be patient. Success does not happen on a dime. You need to be diligent and work for it. You need to be able to work honestly and in a friendly manner in order to have more patrons. Furthermore, you need to be experienced so as to overcome obstacles in a competent manner.” Mr Ker paused for a moment. “If you qualify for all these requirements, chances are, you would turn out to be a successful entrepreneur.”

Excellence Canvas and Trading is in preparation for an expansion to foreign countries. “In fact, we already have more than 20 employees situated overseas to take on tasks for Excellence Canvas and Trading. But we want to do more than that.” Mr Ker announced. In the plans, Excellence Canvas and Trading will be bringing in atypical machines unheard of in Singapore to produce which would superior materials which will in turn result for a better experience for clients. These plans for expansion shall refine the superiority which Excellence Canvas and Trading already possessed.

Contact Details:
17 Hamilton Road S(209187)
T| 6292 7876
F| 6292 7860
E| eric.ker@hotmail.com

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