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Mr. Jeffrey Goh

“He is a walking encyclopaedia of all the 4 products – Environ, Jane Iredale, Revivre and Bellabaci.” an impressed Miss Joselyn Tan; Business Development Manager exclaimed when asked about Mr Jeffrey Goh; Managing Director of Beauty Resources. “He is the most hardworking man I’ve ever seen!”

Mr Goh established Beauty Resources since 1994, and is now celebrating its 18th Anniversary this year. It’s definitely a milestone for Beauty Resources! Beauty Resources specializes in distributing beauty, skin care, and mineral make-up and wellness products in both Singapore and Malaysia. Emphasizing on the tagline ‘Because Good Skin Matters’, the company focuses on bringing radiance to clients’ skin by advocating proper skincare regimes, safe formulas, education and training; and advanced beauty techniques. “In Beauty Resources, we believe and strive continuously to bring forth the best premium quality products from different part of the world to enhance the lives of men and women through effectiveness, simplicity and education,” Mr Goh said.

“In Beauty Resources, we are truly honored and proud to represent all the renowned brands such as Environ Cosmeceutical Care, Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup, Revivre and Bellabaci from different parts of the world,” Ms Tan shared with aplomb.

Hence, what is the biggest achievement for Mr Goh? “It is the staffs that made me feel proud of. They can stay with us for 10 over years, and to grow with us. They are all so committed even when we are short handed, in one call they will all make themselves available to work.”

However, when the company was first set up, life was not as rosy as it seemed. Finance and capital was a big issue as Mr Goh had just gotten married back then. “New family with eldest daughter 7 years old and youngest daughter 4 years old, life was really hard. The initial business capital of $50,000 was a loan from my brother and mother,” recounted Mr Goh poignantly. “We started off with a small rented office and it was basically a one man show which only reaped returns after half a year had passed. That was really really tough.”

Nevertheless, with the help of friends and pure determination, Mr Goh managed to walk out of those dark days a taller man. “I stood by my faith and beliefs which are Result + Safety + Education = success. Doing what you are passionate about is crucial as without passion you will find it hard to overcome the struggles.” In addition, Mr Goh’s achievements were even more admirable considering that without approaching any of his ex-company clients and with zero client base, he managed to overcome all odds. “He did all the research and reading of his products and also competitor’s products, sales call, sales pitch, presentation and follow up all by himself,” an impressed Ms Tan disclosed. “His wife Ms Belinda Khoo Financial Controller and Administrative Manager even managed the delivery of goods and store packing (being the company delivery’s driver) and managing administration and accounts.”

Furthermore, Mr Goh intended to expand by bringing in more sales personnel and a graphic designer to provide better services for clients and to enhance the company’s marketing strategies. Recently, the company just bought another unit to act as a showroom or training room to let more people be aware of such beauty products and to educate them about the art of beauty.

“It is not just about the current generation of customers or users of the products. It is also about educating the next generation!” Ms Tan explained further.

When asked about his source of motivation, Mr Goh attributes it to his wife who always provides unwavering support for him in whatever he does. With love and work life balance, coupled by his passion for beauty products and education, Mr Goh is always at the top of his game.

“Sales is not the top priority,” Mr Goh reiterated, “Products is what comfort me as I always believe in my products. I’m deeply honoured to be the distributor of the 2 main products in my company, Environ and Jane Iredale which are well known across the world.”

Last but not least, Mr Goh has some words to comment about the secrets to success. “Never do anything without confident. To get such confidence and élan, you must have the passion to do what you are doing well. Gain experience first. That is where you get your knowledge and find your interest. Stick by your own principles and aim of what you want to achieve and persevere in them. It will be hard initially but with the determination to succeed, there will be light at the end of the tunnel somehow.”

Beauty Resources has a great awesome team of co-workers from Sales, Marketing (Business Development), Training, Creative Design, Administration and Accounts and Logistics departments. Mr Goh would like to take this opportunity to thanks his faithful clients that have been supporting him for so many years, his staffs and also his family members for supporting him all these years.

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50 Bukit Batok St 23 #05-03
T| 6293 5530
F| 6560 7115

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