Place4Creative Arts Consultancy

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Angelia Teo

Place4Creative Arts Consultancy was set up by Ms Angelia Teo in June 2011. Being a franchise of Global Art, with its headquarters located at United Square Mall, the school specialises in the education and art pedagogy ranging for children from ages of 3 to 18 years old. With over 19 network countries around, the school already had an edge over new companies from the onset.

During her school days, she learnt art and found her passion in it. With this she is inspired to share this passion to inculcate an appreciation towards arts. In her leisure time, Ms Teo would always be doing some small paintings. Passion was what made Ms Teo started this art school.

“Only the brand Global Art conducts competitions and the children are not just coming to waste time drawing week after week as it allows kids to have better exposure to the wonders of art and it is amazing to see the child showcase his or her talent at such a tender age. They are not here just to spend time but rather, to achieve an aim or a goal,” Ms Teo explained enthusiastically.

The school is currently located at Thomson V One, which is a new building and this was definitely a big problem when the company was first established. “It was tough. Really tough,” Ms Teo added with a heavy heart.
Since Global Art is already an established brand, eventually many people will come to realise the presence of this art school. To enhance the awareness of her art school, Ms Teo went on a massive advertisement drive to let parents know about the school and the Global Art programme.

The distinguishing feature about the Global Art programme is that children in the programme are given the unique opportunity to participate in National / International art competitions. This will provide them the explicit advantage to ensure that they have the right exposure which is imperative to the development of a professional artist.

Examinations are also conducted at each stage of the programme systematically, to ensure the child’s proper development and progress, which would be crucial for those who wish to further pursue arts as a career in their future.

Ms Teo’s ambition is to groom as many students as possible. And as part of this ambition, she has recently successfully taken over another Global Art school at Sengkang Rivervale Mall to reach out to more children about the programme. This school will officially start operation in January 2013.
“Risk taking” and “having the passion and drive” as being crucial to being a good entrepreneur, Ms Teo believes that one needs to have a never-say-die attitude to thrive in business. With such determination, even “in the toughest of time, the optimistic mindset will bring the person through” and success will definitely follow through like a tail.

To those who aspire to be like Ms Teo, her words of encouragement are, “If all things are well prepared and taken care of, just go for it. If you don’t give up, there will always be hope, so stay positive! It is okay and normal to fail. It is the actions you do after you fail and how you pick yourself up that determines how far you can achieve in life. Take everything as a stepping stone to the next level and you will find yourself having a different outlook in life.”

Contact Details:
9 Sin Ming Road #01-02 Thomson V One
T| 6554 7010

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