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Name of Recipient:
Mr. Mike Teo

A successful life is one that is lived through understanding and pursuing one’s own path, not chasing after the dreams of others. Before being at fore of Events Enterprise, Mr Mike Teo was working in the machinery industry, under the wing of his father for nearly a score of years. However, it soon dawned on Mr Teo that this was not the career he wants, as Mr Teo illustrated: “As a mechanic, I was constantly stationed on ships or at sea. The working hours were long and irregular.”

Mr Teo soon saw where his passion rooted for; proffering recruitment services. “I see the prospect in this industry. I am also able to help many people along my entrepreneurship.” Mr Teo remarked. In 1997, Mr Teo joined the recruitment industry, focusing on foreign maids employments. Mr Teo’s entrepreneurship commenced in 2003, when the prior owner of Events Enterprise decided to retire, and handed over the realms to Mr Teo. “Being an entrepreneur is completely contrasting to being a worker. I do not have much experience as a leader, and to make matters worst, I do not have any leads to resources.” Mr Teo ruminated. Not wanting to relinquish his entrepreneurship so easily, Mr Teo knew he have to do something.

“We started diversifying into the recruitment industry, providing employees for the manufacturing, food and beverages industry, and the service line. We started seeking for manpower all over Singapore. We also travelled to other countries such as China, Myanmar and Philippine to outsource these employees, and to understand their culture.” Mr Teo continued. “We also provide a 24/7 hotline for our clients, so that they can contact us to help them resolve any problem.” Mr Teo responded, when asked what distinguishes Events Enterprise from the pack. “We are resolute on resolving every problem with patience for our clients.” Mr Teo added.

As a result, Events Enterprise is substantiated by a group of supportive clients, “Not just from Singapore, but from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many other countries as well.” Mr Teo asserted. “Some of our workers, when they leave Singapore, they do take me in consideration, they usually pass my contacts to their friends and relative who comes to Singapore to seek my services.” Mr Teo added on.

Mr Teo also urged that entrepreneurship is not about staying into the dogmas of other people: “An entrepreneur must have creativity, you need to create something special to put you ahead of the industry. Your entrepreneurship is also the result of your good foresight, and the ability to take up challenges.” Mr Teo also revealed his motivation and spur for his success: “Entrepreneurship is something meaningful to me, as I am able to provide a better living for not only my family, but others as well. This is why I am determined to do a great job, to not disappoint anyone.”

“A good entrepreneur must have the guts to strive and take risks. A good entrepreneur also must be open to constructive comments, and learn with an open mind.” Mr Teo reflected, guiding young entrepreneurs. Mr Teo also advocated: “If you like to start your own entrepreneur, it’s always best if you can start with your own money. Try not to take up any loans.”

Events Enterprise is currently having an ongoing revamp, to ameliorate their efficiency and build up its already formidable reputation in the trade. “We are also planning to make a foray into the manufacturing industry.” Mr Teo rejoined. The future looks prosperous for Events Enterprise.

Contact Details:
100 Eu Tong Sen Street B1-7A
Pearl’s Centre S(059812)
T| 6534 7038
E| eventsmiketeo@yahoo.com

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