Eileen’s Children Centre Pte Ltd

Name of Recipient:
Ms. Eileen Tay

Ever found yourself being caught in a situation whereby you do not know which childcare centre to choose for your children? More often than not, the reason lies in that the school curriculum and quality of teachers varies from one to another.

It was exactly this reason that led Mrs Eileen Tay, director of Eileen’s Childcare Centre Pte Ltd to set up the school in year 2000. “In the past, I couldn’t find a school with good curriculum and good teachers who are passionate and committed for my own children. By opening my own childcare centre, under my supervision, I can ensure that good curriculum and quality teachers could be found in my childcare centre.

With the heart and passion to help children and having worked in a charity child care organisation before. Mrs Tay is on familiar grounds by delving into pre-school, child and infant care as a career. However, being a boss on your own is a whole new ball game itself to many, and Mrs Tay is no exception.

“I am very selective when it comes to recruiting the right caliber of teachers in my school,” explained Mrs Tay on her insistence to provide quality childcare to the masses. Yet, despite her lofty visions, good and committed teachers are hard to come by these days. Furthermore, she had to learn how to handle parents and business is not just about providing good education. “Learning to cope with their expectations is a challenging process,” Mrs Tay admitted with a heavy sigh.

Be that as it may, Mrs Tay is determined to make a success out of this passion. “Teach the kids with your heart, it’s the matter of time before the parents will then see the results. That is the best way to prove to the parents who have high expectations,” espoused Mrs Tay. To differentiate her business, Mrs Tay believes in providing personalised service and that has become the main reason why many parents come to them. In the centre, Mrs Tay will address issues personally and regardless of the dexterity of the problem, the staffs will do their utmost best to address and fulfil the requests of parents. Furthermore, the specialised programme that the centre has, the ELFA program, is met with favorable responses from parents.

Quizzed on her proudest moments in her career thus far, Mrs Tay shared, “When parents come back telling you their child got an award for best conducts, ambassador, top student in school etc, such feelings and emotions are unreliable and rewarding. There is this sense of satisfaction in you when it happens. Or even when the kids come back and say a simple thank you, those are the moments which all my staffs are very proud of. There is nothing more important than seeing every single child that comes out of my centre a better person, a better child or simply, a happier kid than before.”

In the near future, Mrs Tay aims to make her centre the preferred pre-school for children. To achieve that, she targets to open more centers at different locations, not just in the east, which they are currently at, as well as to further improve their programmes to constantly stay ahead in the highly competitive industry.

Lastly, Mrs Tay has something to share to those who wish to have their own business. “Perseverance, Endurance and determination are qualities that are very important in this field. You need to work more than anyone else in the company, not the other way round just because you’re the boss. In all situations, no matter how tough they are, there are bound to be solutions. Learn from other successful businesses, learn how they handle difficult times, trust me, they help a lot!”

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